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The problem with 480 2x is that it’s 960 which isn’t a standard resolution supported by most TV’s. This is what makes the DChdmi so appealing is that it outputs the 960p image in a 1080p " window" so basically any tv will pick it up and you’ll get the correct scaling and aspect ratio!

What black bars ? On the sides ? The Dreamcast doesn’t output a 16:9 resolution by default, but some do with GameShark codes.

My TV supports 480x2 just fine, it picks it up as a PC and the only real difference is the scanlines are much smaller and tighter then 480 passthrough. It looks like the DC does on a VGA monitor which I prefer over the straight passthrough.


IIRC Vivid also targets a “cool” picture temperature that people then can get use to, making it harder to switch to a more accurate warm color profile. Also like you said Vivid also typically “pops” so it was used in display situations and what people would naturally switch to.


True. It’s usually what TVs are defaulted to on the showroom for some reason. Not sure why the “cooler color look” got popular with manufacturers in the first place though. It never looked good.


And yet consumer crts, trinitrons at least, pushed the red gun to give it a warmer appearance.


Yeah, DChdmi is appealing, but a little more involved (and supply limited) for me right now. If I can figure out a way to make the OSSC work, that would be ideal, but it’s a 10 year old TV and will be replaced at some point when there’s an option I’m happy with.

The black bars are on the side, you might have to zoom in to see them. Everything is 4:3 here- the gray bars are my TV being used in 4:3 mode, but for some reason I can’t get the output from the OSSC to match up. It’s leaving a small gap on either side.


Most games underutilize the full resolution available to them due to system resources and overscan being a thing. I don’t think it’s something you can fix without causing issues.


Ok thanks. That makes sense. I’ll focus my energy on the 480p line doubling issue and won’t sweat the gaps.


The Dreamcast actually outputs 720x480 over VGA instead of the standard 640x480 which causes issues with some displays. I suspect yours is one of them. There’s also a setting on the ossc to change how it interprets the DC signal but I forget what’s it’s called.

Do yourself a favor and just use the firebrand profile


I got home and checked for the game label. I got it. Never knew my TV has got this. Not exactly sure if it changed anything. I’ll check.

UPDATE: I don’t notice any difference in setting the label to GAME. I guess it really is just a label.


Anything but green push, seriously.

More blue/cool light can make whites appear cleaner, reds make an image warmer and perhaps more comforting or ‘lively’, but green just makes everything appear sickly.

This seems to be an issue on some older Sony TVs I have, and some PC monitors too. I now also notice how greenish most florescent lights are, so maybe there’s a common issue behind it.


Set it to “Warm” color temp at least. It might look wrong, but it’s actually likely most correct and your eyes will adjust.

Use custom setting with calibration tool to get contrast and brightness corrected. Use 240p test suite pluge pattern. It’s free and available across multiple systems you might have.


That’s interesting because I struggle to discriminate between some greens and browns in certain high street stores.


Framemeister received a firmware update today, that fixed issues with some 4k sets display a pink screen and/or no audio. It also improved compatibility with the PC-8801, some more scanline options, and a Dot clock mode, that FirebrandX says is similar to optimal timings with the OSSC.

The official list from Micomsoft.

■ The problem that the sound is not output and the screen becomes pink on the display that can not receive 4K video compatible TV or display or 4K liquid crystal panel but can receive 4K video has been improved.

■ Added the “SCANLINE_FILTER” function that allows you to select the type of expression on the scan line.

■ Display function was adjusted with analog RGB [640 x 400 [24 kHz] after PC-8801 mk II SR.

  • It does not guarantee the operation with PC - 8801. Please confirm PC-8801 support policy before FRAMEMEISTER and this firmware introduction .

■ “DOT_CLOCK_MODE” and “DOT_CLOCK” were added for screen adjustment.

■ “x2” display of 240p and 480i is available at “1280 x 1024 dots” and “1280 x 960 dots” resolution in DVI mode.

■ Unified the problem that had a discrepancy in the operation of “SCANLINE” when “off (off)”.

■ Other, a minor problem was fixed.


Thanks! Time to update.


I loved the FM. I still kinda do because of how everything just worked. Wasn’t a fan of the lag but for RPGs it wasn’t a deal breaker. Curious to see what these changes mean.


Awesome, thanks for the note. Looks like it’s time to update!


It’s amazing how quickly the OSSC became the upscaling standard. I knew the moment it was announced with no frame buffer that it was going to be a fan favorite over the Framemeister.

I sort of regret buying my Framemeister a few years back. It was literally the same week I stumbled upon my first broadcast CRT monitor for $20 (a panasonic BT series monitor that surpasses even the PVM line in color depth, sharpness, and contrast) and when I hooked it all up, it just never seemed as “magical” as the $20 device.

I still have it as a “future proof” measure, but I can count on one hand how many times it’s been used.


No video of it yet, but I did run the Neo Geo through the new HD Retrovision component cable to the RetroTINK2x last night and it looked superb. It’s a perfect complement to the TINK for a really nice picture. I am not comfortable with the Neo AES in the living room though so video will come for the Sega CDX instead when I get that set up this weekend.


There’s a new firmware out now for the Framemeister that offers vertical scan lines as well as LCD filters!!! Oh man, I’ve been waiting for this. you need to grab the firmware from the new Micomsoft site -

Use Chrome’s translate option to navigate the page if you can’t read it. It does a good enough job. There are Japanese and English versions available.

Now for the pictures. All shots taken of a Saturn running in RGB at 1080p on a 4K screen
You’ll need to download the images to see the correct quality. Each photo should be 4592 x 3448 in size. The vertical scan line looks fantastic on shooters,

Horizontal Scan Lines (the ones we all know and love)


Vertical Scan Lines

Even Dotted Line

Anomalous Lattice Pattern

Square Lattice Pattern (Like a DS screen)

Dotted Line (similar to screen tone on a LCD)


Man I wish the FM had less lag. Those look great. especially the square ones. Reminds me of this filter on my MiSTer.