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Hm, can’t be 100% sure, but I think it is.


I have the less common later revision of the FZ10 (iirc the video and sound encoders are combined) that makes the current 240p mod impossible to do-- I wonder if this would allow me to do that?


I have played like six hours of Mario Galaxy 2 this weekend in 480p line2x without a single HDMI audio dropout. Audio issues are almost certainly set related.


I don’t know it sounds like its designed around the other chip. The reason that the 240p mod hasn’t been figured out for the model you have is because no one can find the data sheet for the chip they used in that. From what I’ve heard if someone could find the data sheet for it they could figure out the mod.


Just got an OLED TV. Still haven’t plugged in my Framemeister. Will my mind be blown?


My Dreamcast setup consists of a RGB scart cable to my PVM-20M4E. Some people use those VGA boxes but is there a feasible way for me to run that to my PVM? (since I don’t think it will support 480p)


You can’t run VGA in 240p or 480i. You can get VGA out and use a ossc to hd or get an old VGA monitor for your DC.


Okay, so basically I have to keep an eye out for an old PC monitor.

So far I’m going with the PVM, if it breaks I’ll look into getting an OSSC. Dreamcast RGB is completely fine IMO, I just thought I’d try out the VGA since some people say it’s supposedly better.


I haven’t owned a DC since the early 2000s but from what I remember the difference was staggering from s-video to vga. I can tell you that I own a 480p crt and I find GameCube and PS2 to look better but if I only had 480i it would not be the end of the world. 480i flicker gives me a headache overtime but the pq jump from what I’ve seen didn’t blow me away. It just looks smoother and less flickery. That said, if I got a dreamcast I would play it in 480p.


Bah, visiting family 2,000 miles away and of course checking Craigslist for CRTs, lol. A nice JVC 27" D Series like I had back in the day and a nice looking 27" trinitron. I have a PVM and no room for a crt yet I still find myself longing for a 27". Whoa is me, lol.


I stepped up from a 20" bvm to a 32" fv310. I’m still on the lookout for the 36" model!


I went to an arcade last week and man, I always thought Arcade monitors were so great until now. They really just look like consumer CRTs with RGB hook ups. I am really shocked I got “used to” bvm/pvm as a standard look for a CRT. If I could get a 32" CRT like yours I think I would never ever think about using a OSSC/XRGB + HDTV.

I think the OSSC doesn’t like my TV. I would imagine with the right TV I would probably be happy with the OSSC in 480i/p content but right now I really only like 240p w/ 5x. But @Try4ce said something in the PS2 episode, you have to come to terms with the way 480i looks and I completely agree with that statement. Also, I think those black lines on the 20L5 make 480i content look better vs 480i PVM/BVMs.


Arcade monitors were designed to be cost effective yet stand up to years of abuse. I’d wager alot of the old arcade monitors don’t look as good as they did when new but I think at best they were 400TVL.

Ps2 is best played on a CRT. The ossc does an admirable job but there’s just something about the crt imperfections that really make 480i look good.


Y’all are really shitting on arcades here. :confused:

Arcade monitors, taken on their own and placed side by side with professional video equipment of the day, don’t look as sharp. That is true, but I think you’re really splitting hairs. Average consumer grade CRTs don’t come close to the average arcade monitor, there’s an ocean of difference there where as I think there’s only a small lake of difference filled with happy little analog fish between arcade and professional broadcast crts.

I feel like, at some point - maybe soon, emulators will look exactly like those sharp BVMs and PVMs. I’ve even heard people talk about their personal PVMs as emulator-like in quality. I’m in the group that just doesn’t understand the need for that, and the never ending quest for clarity. I’m sure someone can explain to me, but really what’s the point of a professional CRT when OSSCs and the like will be able to get you to 4K at some point?

I don’t mean to insult anyone and I hope no one takes this personallly,I really do like screenshots of PVMs. But there is a happy medium for me in terms of screen clarity and overall presentation. Given the space, I would almost always sit down at a clean cabinet with a story to tell than in front of a square box on a cart.

Anyway, I’m glad there’s a board where we can talk about stuff like this without being shouted down. I’m the end, playing games is about what makes you happy, and that comes in all different forms.


I have seen emulator screens that look like consumer and arcade crts. I have yet to see anything that compares to any of my professional monitors period. I like the emulator shaders. I would much prefer to play gameboy games with a dot matrix display than scanlines on a crt or sharp pixels on a LCD.

OSSC+HD/4K doesn’t look like a crt. It’s a bit too sharp, doesn’t have the same glow and at least with my setup doesn’t do 480i/p as well as my 20L5. It is good enough but if you use a Professional CRT a lot you know it is not the same(not by a long shot). I will concede that some people’s setups might process the OSSC signal differently than mine and it actually might look CRTish.

Some people are audiophiles. Justifying hundreds to thousands on headphones and dac amps. I think that is crazy but if that’s what they love, who am I to judge. I am a 4K/Professional monitor enthusiast. I would take a good quality 480i CRT with component inputs but I still think PVM/BVMs are the best looking. I hope someday we can have a 4K scaler on our low latency oleds and have the retro experience without compromise. Until then, I am happy with my PVM.


I think OSSC on a 4K looks as much like an authentic vintage CRT as my JVC DT-V1710CG broadcast CRT does. Which is to say, they are both way, way off.

Old arcade stuff looks best to me on a vintage shadow mask CRT, not an an aperture grille or OSSC. Though I think the latter choices look far, far better than many of the other options people use in this era.


Yeah I think the varying degrees of what constitutes the “right” look is always interesting and certainly subjective. There isn’t a correct answer.

I think one of the Retronauts podcast guys or one of their frequent guests plays his NES with a Framemeister over the RF output. I think that’s awesome.


LOL, I don’t want consumer a CRT look. I want a professional monitor look. I equate professional monitors as HDish CRTs.


Lol. Lol. Lol.

Meh… to each their own. There’s no right answers. I like lower res CRTs personally. They just feel right.

Sometimes a sharper picture is nice too. It really depends on the game and my mood.


To each their own. I just don’t want anything washed out. I adopted s-video and then component as soon as it was available. I’ve always had this hang up about PQ. No cure for my disease.

I used s-video since the snes era. I will say this, the more blurry the image the ‘better’ the n64 looks to me.

Either way, any crt > composite in on any hdtv.