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HD Retrovision’s newsletter had updates on a sale next Monday and new products for next year: a PS1 connector, PS2 cables, extension component cables, and male-to-male component cables. Perhaps better quality cables will fix an issue with my component switch dropping sync on very bright frames, although I’m convinced the issue is interference within the switch itself.

SNES and Genesis cable sale details:

As for the details of the sale… we will post inventory on Cyber Monday – that is 7:00PM CST on Monday, November 27th (1:00AM GMT on the 28th), to be exact. They will be available at the usual place:

The full newsletter:!topic/hd-retrovision/2bVpvawZ6vg


Can someone please point me in the direction of OSSC 240p 2x scanline screenshots? Thanks.


Found some interesting info on why Wii games look blurrier than GC games despite the hardware being so similar.

On GC, 4:3 games are overwhelmingly 640:448 (or close to that) output in a 720x480 wide box at PAR 10:11. The few widescreen games that are out there seem to just output the same thing and allow the TV to stretch it to 16:9.

On Wii, per Nintendo’s recommendations…

The Wii does a render at a virtual res of 854x480 to an internal res of 640x480, then stretches that to 711x480, scanned out in the same 720x480 box as GC before your TV stretches it again out to the panel.

Of course the developer could do something different and certainly games did, but this was their recommendation and it would explain why most games in widescreen seem soft.

And maybe you think 4:3 fixes this? Yeah still stretched by the hardware…


At this point, I am hoping for Switch Remasters of the Wii games I loved.

Galaxy 1 & 2, Sin and Punishment, Skyward Sword (maybe I didn’t love it but I think the new switch controllers would make it better), Metroid Trilogy (hell I would take other M too), House of the Dead and other light gun shooters, Zack & Wiki and of course Xenoblade.

I will say this, playing Wii via OSSC 2X 4:3 with that new sampling feature they added looks pretty great or just play it on a CRT. The more I get into PS2/Wii the more I just want a tv like @Socksfelloff has.


I was never too bothered by how they looked direct into my TV but yeah with the OSSC upsample2x at 960 they look really great. I don’t really need or want HD remakes of anything.


Yasssssss I’ll bring you back to the dark side you cannot resist it.

The dark side being a 250lb crt for those unaware.


Does anyone mess around with PC monitors? There’s a Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 200 on Craigslist at $65. I don’t think I’d want it past 20 bucks but I’m interested if it’s a good monitor


I think those are supposed to be top of the line PC CRTs and worth the asking price, but don’t quote me on that.

Wii 4:3 + OSSC 960p 2x Upsample + 4KTV looks great. But I would really like GC and Wii games in HD on the Switch. I think 3D games from Gamecube onward hold up nicely to being rendered at a high res.

Some 3DS games should also be rescued from the cheap 240p LCD hell of that handheld and brought over to the Switch.


I know it’s not the same but I’ve been thinking about getting into Dolphin. I see people playing Metroid in 4K and I can’t help but think I want to do that even if ive never felt satisfied with emulation over the years.

I need to try directly connecting my PS2/GCN/Wii to my 20L5 but I’m really not impressed with 480p at all. I’ve only used those consoles through my gsscartsw. I feel silly that I tried so hard to get one of these when my 20F1U was good enough for the content I use the monitor for.

That said, I’m really starting to like the look of 480i on both my PVM and my OSSC. I wish I didn’t get the random drop outs. Hopefully I can find a tv that is more compatible with the OSSC.


I’m about to be experimenting with the PS2 and 480p over Scart. I was really disappointed with PS2 component on the 20L5


I wasn’t entirely impressed with Dolphin, major audio and video glitches in multiple games, but this was before the last big number release (5.0) that brought huge improvements. I still did manage to play through Pikmin and it was a generally good experience. I still think it can never beat the simplicity of just turning on your GC and picking up a Wavebird… very fast and just works.

If you haven’t seen 480p console games on your 20L5 then you haven’t seen 480p at its best yet! Don’t judge it by how it looks directly on your HDTV or even how it looks as 960p thru the OSSC.


I haven’t hooked it directly to my 20L5. I have hooked it up through my gsscartsw and it looks muddy. I am wondering if there is a bad cable in the chain. I am basing this on Wii 480p, PS2 Jack 2 and Burnout 3, and a few gamecube games. They look good but I am not blown away like i was with 240p.


Keep expectations realistic. Few things compare to the jump from VHS to DVD or Composite to RGB. Does it look like this or worse to the offscreen CRT pics below? I will admit that GC and Wii don’t look sharp like my RGB consoles, possibly a combination of the signal not being as crisp and the added 240 lines creating a naturally softer look.


It looks very similar. I have TvC and it looks a lot like that. You know I think it comes down to the game. I tried a half dozen gc/Wii games tonight and while many weren’t impressive I did find that even though the PS2 can do progressive scan, it probably shouldn’t and GameCube looked significantly better in both 480i/p. I have to eat my words a bit because Jak 2 looks awful in 480p but Luigi’s Mansion and Star Fox Adventures look amazing. Many of the games on GC I thought were 480p weren’t. I didn’t get 480p out of Beyond Good and Evil and a few other games. I thought they all were 480p.

You know I don’t think I tried a lot of 480p content when I got the 20L5 (save mk dd and fzero) but now that I’m on this PS2 kick I figured it was the same as GC.

That said, do you have the Xbox? I’d really like to know how clean 480p is on that.


Depends on the game. Play DOA3 or DOAU on your 20L5 and your mind will be blown at how high res and clean everything looks. Play JSRF or Morrowind and … well… not so much.


Hey folks. Question about a consumer Trinitron… I’ve found one on local CL, model MH-32FS320 (although I think the guy screwed up and the first two letters should be KV). Anyone know much about the FS320? I know the FV300 and especially the FV310 (high voltage regulator) are the best but I’m wondering about this model. I know it’s a Wega and not a Trinitron as well.


I need the list of mind blown 480p games. Lol. I don’t currently have a Xbox.


Added FirebrandX’s first OSSC video to the OP.


Hopefully it’s not too compressed. No desynchronization, no audio clipping, simply just wonderful scaling on my 4K.

Edit. Figured out my image was a little cut off and off center. Was able to use the 1980x1200 resolution setting to get a full 5x to display on screen with no cut off.

Its so funny I was about to pack up my OSSC and go back to the Framemeister. Now I just need to dial in all my other consoles. I don’t have the 240 test suite on PS1 so it might be some work getting that dialed in. Hopefully FBX will post more of his findings.


This his is first video, just came out:

He uses a Neo Geo AES and the 240p Test Suite, but everything is explained very clearly, so there should be no problem to follow the same procedure with other systems.