RGB High Score Battle! - Week 15 & 16: Excitebike

Haha no worries… I’m not into cheating on 35 year old games!
Wonder what’s different exactly, i might check out some vids.

Nice pickup.

Andrew G certainly knows his way around a NES.

I was going to put some time into the 3DS over the weekend, but maybe I’ll load up the original.

Updated the site with current times

Managed to do a run without crashing

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Made a small improvement, yet to find the elusive clean run

this is the best I could get with the switch online version It was a few attempts the last one with the shortest time is actually no crashes and made every jump.

Seven days left. I’m taking a good shot at this one this week.

Yeah! I hope we get a bunch of competition this week!

Man, I played a little after work today and 1:09:12 is as good as I’ve done. Lots of work to do.

Giddy up!

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Nice time Mike! Welcome to the site!

Just a friendly reminder that this 2.5 week challenge is coming to an end on Sunday night! Get your scores submitted while you can.

Looking forward to competing again next week!


Well I am not very good at this…

Argh! I forgot to submit the pic!

What did you get? I’m okay with counting it today.

It was a 1:05 something. I took the pic on the Switch so I’ll post when I get home this evening. It was definitely not a winner.

No worries, I’ll add it to the site once you post the image.

Site updated with the scores! Thanks everyone for participating, I’ll have the new game up soon!

Congrats @MikeRotch

Sooooo… it was not a 1:05, it was a 1:02. It’s too late, but here’s the time.