RGB High Score Battles - Voting Round

80% of the people that voted in my interest thread expressed interest in the high score battles returning.

For this “season” let’s try out a two-week period per game to allow those with busy lives a better chance of competing. If we find that the interest wanes during the second week of the battle, we can always reduce it back to 1 week.

Let’s get some ideas on the first game to play! Give me your suggestions.

Remember: Try to suggest games with a non-cheesable high score, and relatively low play time.

Here’s my suggestion.


Excitebike: Mode B (with other bikes), Track 3, Fastest Time.

I like Excitebike, so that’s a vote from me.

My suggestions is Tetris DX - 40 lines
( level 9, high 0 )

Fastest time to clear 40 lines.


I wonder if I could even complete 40 lines on level 9… Haha

Good suggestion.
I’ll give Excitebike and Tetris DX a go.

My suggestion: 4min 55sec run of Super Mario Bros on NES/Famicom… (https://youtu.be/Gum4GI2Jr0s).
Just kidding.

I’ll have a think on fun, bite-sized challenges I could suggest.

Reviving this thread one more time. Any other suggestions?

I’ll take the suggestions we get and make a voting thread for the weekend. We can start the new competition on Monday!