RGB high score battles: Voting round

I’d like to drum up some more interest in the RGB high score battles, and I’m doing two things in this thread.

  1. Voting round. For the next high score battle starting tomorrow or wed at the latest, please suggest a game. We will vote tomorrow.

  2. I’m also open to suggestions as to what changes you guys would like to see to the format. Any ideas? Should we try and get people from outside places to compete, and bring new people to the community?

Thanks everyone for your help.

I hate to say it, but… summer, man. My game playing has dropped way off in the last month. Graduations, graduation parties, traveling, outdoors, and then I got sick too… and it’ll be a lot more of that until like August at least.

I suppose portable games might be a good option, but even then… it’s just hard to find time to score chase.

I think that the game chosen has to be widely available.

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Have you done Super Mario Kart yet? I need to get some revenge for my 3DS Excitebike entry getting disqualified :smiley:

Agreed. It also is best if it’s something that doesn’t require a ton of time commitment for a single effort. I think that’s why Pac-Man Championship Edition worked so well. Simple, five minutes per game, skill mattered, everyone knows Pac-Man, etc.

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Nope, not yet. Wouldn’t be a bad idea as a single track run or something.