RGB High Score Battle! - Week 43 & 44: Crazy Taxi

Site is updated! Here’s our current week details:

WEEK 43 & 44
Game: Crazy Taxi
Platform(s): Dreamcast, Various
Challenge Type: Cash Flow!
Game Details: Default Settings, Arcade Mode, Most Cash
When: July 6th - July 19th, 2020
Chosen By: Sapiens

I’ve updated the website with the new game, let’s get driving!

Good luck everyone, please submit your scores via screenshot or video by replying directly to this post!


  1. Competitions last two weeks, close on Sunday night @ midnight.
  2. Post screenshots in this thread as proof.
  3. The winner from the previous week chooses the next game to play.
  4. You cannot choose twice in a row. 2nd place will choose if someone wins two weeks in a row.
  5. If there’s a tie, the person that submitted the high score first gets to choose.
  6. Games must be high score compatible (think “arcade style scores” like Pac-Man, or Spy Hunter, not Super Mario).
  7. Emulation is okay (MAME is often the best for high scores).
  8. No save state manipulation (pausing to take a break is fine though).
  9. Submit scores as soon as you get them! To keep the competition rolling and fair, do not hold on until the last moment to submit.

Points will be awarded for the entrants, based on the position finished for the week. This is to encourage wider participation, and the points will be posted each week as well as on the website.

1st: 10 points
2nd: 7 points
3rd: 5 points
4th: 3 points
5th: 2 points
Any honest attempt: 1 point

Overall, we should keep it simple. This is just a good time, not a crazy official high score competition! Game plays should ideally be short and fun so people that can’t invest hours into this can still compete. Obviously we are working on a trust based system here, so don’t ruin it for the others!

Here’s a simple website I made to keep track of the competition.


My wheelhouse, so to speak. Here is the last picture I took from a magfest a couple years ago of my first 5 runs in a while. Decided not to be a cheapo and just farm donuts at the start.

Actual arcade hardware may not be the best since they can be set to be more or less difficult depending on how much money the operator wants to make.

Also I fully expect old shots not to be valid and I’m fine with that, I’m sure someone will beat this anyway since it’s pretty standard, I just wanted a reason to brag


Weill be playing the OG on DC myself…but good lord those scores @apathetic - do you have video so we can learn from you??

You’ll be fine, I remember the console version being easier. The only “advanced movement” I could still pull off was all muscle memory. Makes sense since you have to do it like every couple of seconds and it’s what makes the game a real workout on arcade. The super boost (don’t know what it’s official name is). The thing that is a step above the normal crazy boost and you do non stop to keep your speed over the normal max.

Enjoy the 30-40 minutes it takes to get those scores legit. I have to warn people waiting to play after me when I am playing. You can just farm the multiplier bonus doing donuts in the parking lot at the start if you want to cheese it though.

I have played the game quite a bit and I have no clue what you just said. :sweat_smile:

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Sorry friend. The crazy dash is something you are know right? Shit it into drive when hitting the gas at the same time for a “boost”. There is a higher version of that that knocks you up to over the max speed, which you then reduce down to if you don’t keep on doing it again. While driving if you take your foot (or finger) off the gas and then shift into reverse, pause half a second and then do the crazy dash motion you will get that extra boost. There is a rhythm to it. Reason why all my scores use Gus is because he has the best of everything other then acceleration, which doesn’t matter if you are going to max/over max speed every few seconds. He isn’t as good if you aren’t doing that motion since there is a lot of stopping and starting in the game.

You can also just take your foot off the gas and do the crazy boost motion every few seconds and get most of the same effect/still ride it to an S rank and the actual credits as well.

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Yeah I am struggling just to get the normal speed boost for some reason, quite aggravating. :sweat_smile: Perhaps some issue with using an xbo controller.

Edit: Had my elite controller set so the trigger’s throw space was low, set it to normal and finding it much easier.

I dont think I ever played the 360 version until now, I gotta admit I enjoy just hearing different music…for now, the song are fitting but awful.

Here are today’s runs with the top being $7588.85 - starting to get the hang of things…

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You are so close to breaking out of the S rank. That still gets the credit roll right?

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Yeah. Credits on anything over 5 grand with the cool post processing effects.

First time I have EVER made it all of the way around the map, despite playing this on Dreamcast quite a bit as a younger man.


Scores on the page have been updated.

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I think I have achieved the highest score I will ever get.


@apathetic oh man, you didn’t put in a score and whollop these fools?!

Congrats @Sapiens you’re the winner of this round! Unfortunately you choose this battle, so 2nd place gets to pick.

@SAKY what would you like to play next?

Galaga, high score. Arcade version Rev B.

Arcade, PS1, N64, GCN, DC, PS2, XB, PSN, XBL, Steam, DS, GBA, Vita, Switch


Yes sorry haha, I am working on it tonight, please do start playing everyone!


I just played this for the first time tonight on PC… man, what was I missing? This game is hilarious and so much fun.

Perfect pick for this battle of I’m honest. Nice one @Sapiens!

My 5yr old is jumping around and screaming while playing, it’s very entertaining lol