RTTP: The Legend of Dragoon

Yes, the fan favorite Legend of Dragoon!


For those not familiar with the game, this is a JRPG published and developed by SCE and released June 11, 2000 in the states. Sony went hard on this one in the hopes of creating a Final Fantasy contender. This was a full AAA effort with a budget of $16 million dollars in 1999. Things…did not go as planned. It seemed as if most outlets and consumers found the game to be mediocre at best.

The game did not perform as well in Japan as Sony would have liked, selling only 280,000 copies. Thankfully overseas sales were strong, with 960,000 copies being sold in the U.S., and Sony was able to recoup their budget costs thanks to those sales.

If you ask me the game is best known for three things.

1.) Beautiful pre-rendered backgrounds.

2.) The ever divisive “Additions” combat system; a combat system where you must time your button presses in sync with multiple concentric squares as they rotate and eventually overlap, hitting “x” as soon as they do so.

3.) The best video game menu music ever.


Prior to this game I never really appreciated or enjoyed my time with JRPGs. My frame of reference was turn based JRPGs such as the Final Fantasy series, and to be honest at that point in time I found that to be a mind numbingly boring system (I no longer feel this way). None of those games could hold my interest, not even the beloved FFVII (yawn). So what made this game different for me?

That Additions system!

The additions combat system is still one of my favorite JRPG combat systems of all time. It may even be my favorite. Having to engage in combat its self was a gamechanger for me. No selecting attack and waiting. With each attack I had a role to play in the success of said attack. Finally…something to do!

But aside from that I just legit loved everything about the game. The combat, the music, the characters, the artwork, the story, the FMVs, the shitty voice overs for the moves! It was a perfect package im,o and thanks to it being such a great experience it pushed me to give traditional turn-based JRPGs another chance.

I last completed the game at launch @ 13 years old. Now I am playing through it again at age 31, with my wife as my sidekick! Time flies!

I’ll pop in to this thread from time to time to provide an update on our quest. We are currently at the end of the Limestone cave and are about to battle Urobolus! Ain’t no thang :slight_smile: But that battle will be another day!

Very nice write-up that’s piqued my interest. I’ve owned the game for 15+ years and it seems to be permanently stuck in my backlog. You’ve got me motivated to bump it up in priority. :slight_smile:

It’s a solid JRPG. I only got to the second disc back in the day but sometime I should play further

Thanks! Bump it up :+1:

Most definitely! Though, I am a bit biased :slight_smile:

This was hyped up quite a bit before its release but when it finally came and I tried the demo, I wasn’t feeling it at all. After stuff like Xenogears and Panzer Dragoon Saga that gen, it seemed a little generic.

It’s generic for sure. But still very solid and enjoyable. It’s high quality even if tropey.

It’s some sweet, sweet generic goodness :grin: wrapped in AAA sheen, but I love it all the same.

Spinning Cane!

I hope one day they consider a sequel, or remaster. I know the chances are very slim, but one can dream!

I’ve been dreaming this dream since 2000. I will continue to dream it!

I think if SCE had continued on with the series while addressing the original criticisms they could have truly had that Final Fantasy competitor they were looking for, but instead they cut and ran from it because the first outing didn’t do gangbusters.

Damn New002… you got me to start a new Legend of Dragoon file for the first time in over a decade.

I don’t really have time for this shit so I hope you’re happy. :sweat_smile:

Not a fan of this game at all, but I thought you guys might like to know about a project that’s currently underway to fix the script.


Completely off topic, but wouldn’t all games talked about in retrogameboards.com be RTTP?

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My favorite JRPG and the only one that hooked me for any appreciable length of time. The art is fantastic and those prerendered backgrounds are some of the most gorgeous on the PS1. The setting and story are a bit generic on the surface but once you dig down it’s pretty interesting and grown up. The characters are also endearing and feel like they really live in the world.

I would have loved to see this series progress and I’ve always wanted to see an anime.

You’re weclome :wink:

Yeah I stumbled upon the author’s reddit post a few days ago. Quite the undertaking! Hope they are able to see it all the way through!

Well, modern day discussion isn’t not allowed, so I think the distinction is fair :wink:

I love everything about this post. :+1:

Grinding additions in Limestone Cave until my wife is free to play again.

Since I’ve beaten the game before my goal for this playthrough is max out all additions for each character, which means SPOILERS AHEAD maxing out Lavitz’s additions before Albert takes over for him.

That reminds me, what is everyone’s go-to lineup? I run Dart, Green Dude, and Shana or Rose most of the time.

My first playthrough back in the day was the typical Dart/Rose/Albert.

This time I plan on going with Dart/Meru/Haschel, because I always struggled with the addtions for the latter two as a kid.