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Bubble Bobble? I know there was a Master System version, not sure about Mega Drive.



Looks fun, and I love Renovation, but I think she’d get bored with a pinball game. She’d certainly like the cover art though!



It’s here!



Yep, it’s a pretty poor pinball game by Wolf team. Not a patch on Devil Crash.



Started looking at Genesis / Mega Drive games lately and was pleasently surprised at how cheap they are for the most part. I wasn’t nearly as interested in buying games for the system for a long time as say SNES I think because I had one as a kid in the late 90s and was always in envy of other consoles at the time.

Figured I’d just post everything I have; everything but Sonic 2 is new:

For the 6-Pak, I probably could have just used my everdrive but I lost my childhood cart sometime around 2000 and spent the better part of 5 years searching different parts of my parents house on and off to try and find it. I still have no idea what happened to it, and more recently all our Genesis stuff went missing; I’m just hoping it turns up at some point.

Other games I had as a kid were the not-for-resale Sonic 2, Tinhead (which I rebought here), Dynamite Headdy, The Pagemaster (terrible game), The Lion King (worse than The Pagemaster), Adventures of Batman & Robin, Power Rangers, Road Rash, and a bunch of sports games.



I love the Japanese box art for the Mega Drive Sonic series, it feels so much a design of its era but still looks fresh today.



Came here to say the same. It beats the pants off the US art.

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I read somewhere years ago that the Sega CDX had native s video support, any truth to that?



I don’t think it had native support. The JVC X’Eye maybe?



The X’Eye did not. Only the Japan Wondermega and Wondermega 2 had native SVid.

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I learned something this weekend after 30 years that blew my mind. If you have a model 1 MD/gen you can balance the game sound and music in CD games with the volume slider.



Really? Holy shit, I didn’t know that.



As long as you run your headphone out to the aux in on the Sega CD you can control the mixing. It’s a total game changer !



Err, yes. I thought everyone knew that :). I guess being 43 does have its advantages.

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But I’m also 43 and owned a model 1 Sega CD in its era. I guess I should have read the manual.





I’m only 32 but I’m old enough to have had a Genesis in my day.

I didn’t get the model 1 however, I got the model 2 with columns and I cried all Christmas day because it didn’t come with Sonic.

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I still own my Model 1 High Definition Graphics that I purchased in 1991 with Sonic in the box and Bulls vs. Lakers. I never got a Sega CD back then, but some years ago now I bought the Sega CDX I use regularly to play my Genesis and small Sega CD collection. The old Model 1 has a mushroom on it.

I’m 47, so older than old @Yakumo and @NeoZeedeater up there, and I never knew that about the mixing. Wild. I did use that headphone port to get stereo out to a Pioneer receiver back then, though. Hearing the rings go left right left right in Sonic was pretty damn cool. :slight_smile:



Oh well, we all live to learn. I find out stuff that I should have known from time to time also.



A man of quality. The first thing I did when I got a Mega Drive in 1989 was to find some way of hooking it up to a stereo receiver. Ever since then every console I’ve ever had runs through an amp. I haven’t used TV speakers in over 30 years! Well, slight lie. The living room and bed room TVs have sound coming from them but the main movie / gaming TV hasn’t done in over 30 years. TV speakers at one point were pretty reasonable on certain hight end Dolby stereo CRTs but now they suck big time.

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