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Here are the scans of the maps that were in my Phantasy Star 3 case. The last page didn’t come out too well, it was a light pencil drawing.


That top one would make a cool poster on someone’s wall. What a cool drawing.


Yeah, that’s brilliant. It would be cool if the person who made it were to find this thread. :slight_smile:


Thanks for uploading those dude. These are such incredible artifacts.


Was finally able to order these cables normally and without being ripped off on eBay (thanks CastleMania Games!)

First impressions are good!

Now to dive into the library of games I completely skipped growing up.


Shoot… they were available? Did you pre-order?


You skipped genesis? You’ve got a great time ahead of you.


The cables were available for preorder a couple months ago for a short window of time that went out to people on their waiting list. I was traveling for work at the time and didn’t think to post something here. Sorry :frowning:

@Peltz yeah, I was 100% Nintendo as a kid, switched to Sony consoles with the PSX and only dabbled with Sega after the DC went on sale for $99. I definitely missed out, but then again, this was all at a time when having multiple consoles was a luxury most families could not afford.


Might be good to add that this will be on a “high definition graphics” Genesis that I got for free at a garage sale this summer. The owner claimed it didn’t work. :smile:

Being spoiled by my SNES cables, I decided to wait before playing too much.


Your certainly jumping in with a bang!

Talking about 6 button controllers, before I finally got a proper pad I had this one.

Doesn’t hold a candle to the original 6-button pad, but since it was my lone 6-button pad at the time, I had no problems with it…except for that start button that felt like it could get stuck when pressed, but didn’t. It was cool mapping button combos to the left and right triggers though.


I never even had a 6 button genesis pad. I played Street Fighter II Championship Edition by switching between punches and kicks with the start button back in the day. It’s probably why I’m so terrible at traditional 2D fighting games today (yep I’m blaming the controller :wink:)


Savage. I had a six button but I’m still terrible so who knows?


I’d like to see some Pro Tour-offshoot tourneys using the Genesis version of CE and exclusively 3-button pads, lol.


Looks like the leaked Sega Sonic Bros is going to be released on Genesis !


Woah! This is a Fukio “MTJ” Mitsuji game, right? The father of Bubble Bobble, Volfied and Popils.


this is awesome! was just reading about this one on HCG - please post back if & when it’s done!


Will do!

@matt I don’t know much about this one but I do know it bombed at location tests so they canned it.


Been reading up about this over the past 24 hours. Fascinating stuff!

The guy doing the Genesis port says that it’s really good, so it could be that it just wasn’t good enough to carry the Sonic name? I guess we’ll never know. Cool that it will be playable, though!


It is a good puzzle game but it really has no reason to have Sonic in it. Like if you watch some gameplay of it its just colored blocks effectively. Like if say Tetris had Mario heads as all the individual blocks that when you touched them down they turned into just the normal blocks.

Now I don’t know anything about why it wasn’t released but even with what I just said I don’t think it “not being worth the Sonic name” would have been a good cause.


Have you heard of Dino Land?