Sega CD/Mega CD |OT| "What are you waiting for, Nintendo to make one?!"

Dec 12, 1991 (JP), Oct 15, 1992 (US), 1993 (EU)
Units Sold: 2.24 million
Media: CD-ROM, CD+G
CPU: MC68000 @ 12.5 MHz
Sound: Ricoh RF5C164

courtesy of Mike Myers:

Released in the early 90’s, the Sega CD (also known as the Mega CD) was an add-on for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive to serve as an answer for the PC-Engine’s CD add-on. The Sega CD has met with a mixed reception over the years. Some have argued the Sega CD was the beginning of the end for Sega as a hardware manufacturer, while others have argued it helped give developers a head-start on how to develop for the CD format. Either way, the Sega CD has its gems and its place in gaming history.

i still find gems for this thing. biggest ones offhand:

  • Snatcher - early kojima was best kojima
  • Sonic CD - US OST > JP, tell a friend
  • Lunar 1/2 - Working Designs alone justified this peripheral; 2 remains in my top 10 JRPG list
  • Shining Force CD - as a huge SF fan, this was such a crazy awesome deal. it’s great for story between 1 & 2 as well
  • Space Adventure Cobra - more VN-like goodness, man i wish this was cheaper
  • Popful Mail - such a great action RPG from WD!
  • Panic! - perfect game to play inebriated
  • Wirehead - still the finest FMV title out there
  • Rise of the Dragon - great cyberpunk VN/action title. you’ll want a guide.
  • Revenge of the Ninja - some favor Road Avenger, but this was my shit
  • Silpheed - i bought this cause of gamefan
  • Final Fight CD - the definitive home version, suck it SNES
  • Heart of the Alien - ill never finish these games, but what a cool package it was
  • Amazing Spider-Man vs the Kingpin - definitive version, with added baddies/open world/timeless cutscenes
  • Earthworm Jim - another definitive version of a classic
  • Demolition Man - god i love this game & having minimized movie scenes only helps that
  • Eternal Champions - fuck Mortal Kombat, this was the system’s fighter
  • Robo Aleste - it wasn’t MUSHA, but it wasn’t bad!
  • Keio Flying Squadron - hahahahaha no one can afford this
  • Mansion of Hidden Souls - this was a weird, fun adventure title

i think i got Ecco just for the OST. loved the pack-ins (arcade collection, sol-feace etc) and even enjoyed the Make My Music Video series more than i should’ve. also: ill never win that damn frog race in Willie Beamish.



Great thread. I love the Sega CD. For the size of its library it has quite a bit of variety, both for genres and for games developed in different regions. I’m happy I kept up with it at the time because so many of its good games became expensive or hard to find.

Depends on the track for me. I prefer the NA version for Collision Chaos. It goes with the trippy background.

It was more complete than the SNES one but the timing of the attacks always felt a little off to me and the colours could have been done better. Both were worth playing but nowhere near arcade perfect.

There are some tricky puzzles but the games are quite short. I remember beating Heart of the Alien the day I rented it. It’s nowhere near as memorable as the first but it was cool to have as an exclusive on the system.

I prefer the design and creepy atmosphere of the cartridge game but I’m glad they tried something different on CD.

Hey. Where is the bear?

man, just having all 3 characters made it the definitive arcade port, nevermind 2 players! yeah, color and timing (hagar’s moves come to mind) weren’t perfect but still a vast improvement

also the bear is on leave because he didn’t want to hurt ya’lls games, pls respect

Has anyone tried the color restoration patch for Final Fight CD? How close is to the original?

Road Avenger
Shining Force CD

Those are the only games I’ve beaten on the Sega CD, but all three are all-time favorites.

SEGA CD collectors, come at me.
Does anyone know what’s supposed to be included in a vanilla, Japanese copy of Keio Yugekitai (Keio Flying Squadron)? Manual and CD od course, then spine and registration card as well. What I’m triying to find out is whether or not the additional card that can be found in the cardboard box limited edition of the game (which has a raccoon printed on) is meant to be exclusive to that version.
Thanks in advance people. :slight_smile:



^ahahaha goddammit

Thats right!

SEGA CD collectors, come at me.

Anyone has ever opened a brand new copy of Chuck Rock 2 or just knows if the poster below is supposed to be included along with the manual?

Thanks folks. ^_-

There’s a CIB on EBay showing the poster

Yeah, that’s the one where I grabbed the picture. It’s the only one I’ve ever seen with it, so - since I could get the game for a good price but it doesn’t come with the poster (which would be pretty tedious and expensive to get a hold of, later) - I’d like to figure out if someone just threw it in randomly, or if that’s meant to be included in the box.

Seems more like a Genesis pack-in poster. I have it with my copy of RvsT.

I agree, based solely on the shape of the creases: looks like it folds up to fit inside a Genesis clamshell vs a Sega CD longbox… that doesn’t mean it wasn’t in there though, sonce they could’ve printed the poster with the thought that it could be included in Sega CD and Genesis games.

Thanks guys.

Yeah, what made me wary is that the poster advertises Virgin titles for the Genesis, SEGA CD and Game Gear, and Chuck Rock 2 was published by Virgin too.

Question about the infamous disc rot, guys.

I’ve got a complete copy of Chuck Rock for the SEGA CD. Now, even though the game is in very nice conditions (disc is pretty mint, manual is immaculate and even the box shows minimal wear… It has been clearly taken good care of), I noticed the disc suffers from a hint of disc rot. As I’m waiting for my Mega EverDrive, in order to properly test it, I wonder if there’s anything I can do, in order to be sure whether or not the game is alright. I put it in my Japanese Mega CD 2, and all the audio tracks play fine, with no stutterings.
I also own a couple more games that suffer from the same issue, but I’m able to go through them regularly, from start to finish, no problem (Final Fight CD and Sonic CD, both Japanese).

You could download an image of the game and verify the image against the disc in imgburn. The intention there is to test that the image is correct but you can use the same process to check if a disc matches an image.

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Thanks, I’ll definitely give that a shot. :wink:

So my model 2 has started to stutter abit with some games. Dunno if its just the lens needs cleaning…or something worse. This was one i ressurected a few years back with a new capacitor. Sometimes it takes a little to recognize discs, sometimes it doesnt.

Its mostly noticeable during things like the Shining Force CD voiced intro. Stutters sometimes during random lines.