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That is real good to hear. The thing I always fear with these “new” controllers is inaccurate/off feeling dpads. Reason I held off so long on the 8bitdo stuff was because of that being an early reported issue on them in fact.


The SNES one is not as good as this one, although I think that’s because I prefer the Genesis 6 Button style to the SNES’ style d-pad. The 8Bitdo controllers attempt to approximate the feel of the originals, so the SNES one has a tight d-pad and buttons, just like the OG SNES pads. This Genesis one on the other hand, is clearly trying to get to the feel of the most amazing SEGA controller of all time IMO, the 6 Button Controller, and it does it extremely well.


Thanks, this is really great to hear. Mine is in the mail and I can’t wait to get it. You’re the first one I’ve heard say such things about the d-pad. All the guys on youtube just seem oblivious to the fact that that is what these controllers were all about. Yes, it’s also about the six face buttons but those d-pads are without question the greatest of all time. None of the reviews on youtube mention anything of the sort. The original Genesis 6-button d-pad and of course the JP Saturn d-pad are unbeaten to this day.

I have the same question about the new retro-bit releases also, can’t seem to find anyone talking in detail about the d-pads on those either.


Given how good this is, I probably won’t bother with anything else. Krikzz’ $65 Genesis controller looks like a major misstep right now. These things are really freaking good.

The only bummer is the white one looks like it’s already sold out at Amazon. Saying a month for shipping right now and I’d probably like to get a white one to go with the black if only to make it easier to know one from the other.

I’ve been sitting on a tripod for my phone that I bought awhile back that I wanted to use to do some video capture/streaming of the RetroTINK-2x running SEGA Genesis games. I like doing video that way so I can show things like the setup and the controller. I think I’m going to have Sunday free to set that up so hopefully I can get a video up talking more about the d-pad.

It rocks back and forth like the 6 Button. I cannot overstate how good it feels. Like I said, that double tap move in Streets of Rage 2, which you can abuse, seems to come off without a hitch 99% or more of the time for me and on anything other than the 6 Button, that was never the case. It feels so precise, and it’s wireless!

EDIT: I just said eff it and ordered the white one. If it ships sooner, great. If not, also fine.


@DaveLong ahhhh you’re making the wait for mine unbeart! I pre ordered 1 black and 1 white from before the listing was even officially up and my white was delayed untill end of March with my black one expected to be here in a few weeks.

8bitdo never puts there stuff up on in a timely manner so im glad .com shipped to Canada ( only some items do)


At least you know it’ll be worth the wait! :smiley:


In an attempt to try to get into the Genesis and explore its library more, I’ll be streaming various Genesis/MD game on Twitch in a few hours! Will be taking game requests from viewers the whole time.

Here’s the link for the live stream:

I’ll also upload the stream to YouTube sometime afterwards.

Stream starts at 1 pm EST (2 hours and 45 minutes from now) and will likely go on for 3 hours or so. Hope to see you there!


Not only that, but if they were to change the design away from that stock feel, people would lose their shit.


My 2.4ghz 8bitdo controllers finally showed up and they are really nice ! I’m not noticing any sort of input delay and there’s no interfere with my setup .

Of course I had to swap the buttons right after I made sure they worked !


They do look nice those controllers. Do they really feel as good as the official 6 button pad?


My impressions are vs the NA model 6 button which iirc is a bit different then the JP controller.

They feel better to hold without a doubt. As for the buttons and Dpad they feel fantastic and the Dpad feels very authentic. Don’t quote me on this as I didn’t compare them 1:1 but I believe the buttons and Dpad are exact replicas of the original SEGA parts. :contra:


I actually got a new Genesis controller.

Looks like I’m way better at Contra Hard Corps now than I was like 10+ years ago, should be able to no longer use continues now.


I just received mine as well and haven’t had any interference problems either. I’ve only tested on one Genesis so far and need to test with my SMS and other Genesi.


I was supposed to get mine yesterday but didn’t hear the door bell ring :confused:

If anybody gets audio interference you can grab an extension cable to move the receiver away from the console.


I use mine on a VA4 Model 2 and I haven’t noticed any interference, but I have to be upfront and say that my ears are no where’s near as good as my eyes are. To be fair as an animator and artist I spend all day looking at stuff for the smallest details and such so it makes sense. There could totally be interference there and my ears just aren’t good enough to pick it up.


Thanks for reminding me. I did experience some audio interference. I have an extension cable so I’ll try it tonight.


I think I saw/read somewhere that the shielding varies between regions. Possibly in some console tear down that I heard it being mentioned that a US model had more shielding compared to its Japanese counter part but I can’t remember the hardware that was being disassembled, I think it was the Mega CD mk1? Maybe that applies to some Genesis models too.


That’s good to hear. The Japanese MD 6 button pads are a bit smaller than the US ones but I beleive the buttons are the same. This new 8bit do controller looks very much like a Japanese Saturn controller in terms of holding comfort.


It feel’s more Saturn then Mega Drive to me and that’s not a bad thing! I sure hope someone/8bitdo comes out with a Saturn adapter for these because I’ll be all over it!


My biggest concern in any “new” controller has been, and remains, how the dpad feels/operates. It is also what kept me from the earlier 8bitdo controllers since heard odd things about it but current impressions seem good.

Of course my other concern is latency since I’d rather a wired controller and still go full wired with a longer cable on even all my modern concoles…