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Same. It’s hard to find good reviews that even bother to talk about the d-pad, considering the MD 6-button and Saturn are the best d-pads ever.

I got my 8bitdo MD controller about a week ago and have been using it quite a bit. I have to say, I was very skeptical but the d-pad is very very close to the 6-button and Saturn d-pad. I need to do more testing on more games but my impressions are that they actually tried to replicate the feel of those great Sega d-pads and I have to say I think they may have succeeded. It’s easily the best d-pad I’ve ever used from a 3rd party manufacturer.

Also I’ll echo socksfelloff and say that for being a MD controller, the shape feels more Saturn but I’m not going to complain about that. I got the bluetooth version so I could use with arcade games and shooters on the Switch and I am loving it.


I’m going to go with @panopticblue and say the dpad feels fantastic. It’s hard to compare vs a 25 year old controller but I’d say they nailed it.

I didn’t notice any latency in my short playtime with the 2.4ghz model. That said I bought these to use on the upcoming mega SG and that’s on a modern setup where I’m less concerned about input delay. I’ll still be using wired oem controllers on my actual Genesis.

I went ahead and bought the Bluetooth model as well since I was so happy with the 2.4ghz. I haven’t played with it yet but it’s interesting that it comes with USB C instead of micro USB like the 2.4ghz controller.


What is better between the two? 2.4Ghz or Bluetooth? Or are there pros and cons to each?
I ordered the retro-bit wired controllers, but I’m waiting on impressions on their upcoming wireless controllers before I commit to them or the m30s.



I’ve talked about it a lot already, but this 8bitdo controller is easily the best d-pad and buttons controller I’ve ever purchased that’s made by a third party. It’s totally on par with the original 6 button Genesis controller.

If it were available in 1991, I’d have bought two immediately. It’s that good.


I totally agree @DaveLong. Bought 2 of the Bluetooth ones thanks to your recommendation and I have nothing but good feedback.

It feels so good to finally have a Sega style 6-button wireless controller with modern standards (Bluetooth, 2.4GHz)…
It’s crazy to me that it took so long to have one come out, but they absolutely nailed it on their first try! :slight_smile:


Just saw this latency test between the Bluetooth and 2.4ghz controllers which I thought was well worth posting in case anyone was still on the fence about what to get.


That’s good info. Because you can just plug the 2.4g one into a computer via a USB cable, it seems like the best option all around. I’m not usually too worried about wires at my PC.