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PAL Mega Drives normally have jailbars via RGB? That’s surprising considering how absurdly clean a North American Genesis looks via RGB.


It depends on the model, but from what I’m aware it affects all region consoles to varying extents.


Model 1 ntsc genesis are affected as well. My model 1 has jailbars similar to this.

It’s mostly noticeable on solid colors. I actually saved your writeup when you posted it on reddit! I’ll be doing the bypass mod when I move.


Idk about those other two but man I have no clue how I missed gunstar heroes as a kid. I woulda burned through numerous Genesi if I was aware back then


Alisia Dragoon is hard af. Definitely worth playing if you get the chance but now it’s too expensive to justify buying outright.


got an email about Le Mort - my cart should be shipping in the next few weeks! always excited to get a new Genesis game, and god knows Paprium might show up around when chac finally gets his omega.


I know my model 1’s all had them, but there is a fix for it. If you lift a certain pin you can get rid of them but it may also remove the option of outputting composite. I was fine with that choice.


Genesis/MD had such a fantastic lineup of games. So many unforgettable classics!


Alisia Dragoon is gorgeous and has beautiful music. I think there’s an initial hump to getting used to the mechanics but it’s pretty tame after that point.

Some day I’ll beat Alien Soldier, the true great Treasure MD game.


Alisia Dragoon never captured me the way I thought it would. Just doesn’t feel right and the tiles are too dithered. I see what GA was going for, but for me, the best part is that beautiful JP box art.


I picked up Sub Terrania for like $6 new in early 2016? When someone got a hold of a bunch of new old stock Genesis games, mostly sports stuff. They’re still around on eBay for a little more.

It’s crazy to me that the Genesis library is as good as the SNES, the hardware is as good, but the games (intact with durable cases) are so much cheaper.


yeah, nintendo (particularly SNES) got hit first/hardest but genesis stuff has sadly been climbing too: bloodlines, gunstar heroes, toejam & earl, moonwalker, etc. and pricey stuff like musha, punisher, centy & the like seem to have only gotten worse as well.

it’s no fun on any sega scenes these days, except maybe game gear & parts of the dreamcast library. genesis climbed, SMS jumped a bit ofr me, and saturn got insane.


Japanese Mega Drive prices, at least for the games I wanted, are Saturn level. I guess niche hardcore machines that’s what happens in Japan.


And because the MD/Genesis games were in durable boxes, people still kept them back in the day. Not so much with SNES games because they came in fragile cardboard boxes


I’m glad I only paid 150 for my mint copy of jp Alien Soldier. I shudder at the fact that I passed up jp Hard Corps for 150.

I was surprised to find out that SplatterHouse 3 jp was worth so much. I wish I bought more when I was picking up everything I could 10 years ago.

My favourite MD game in the collection due to the box art alone is BK3 though. I was able to snipe my copy for only 40 bux.


In spite of the general consensus, I’m also in that minority who prefers BKIII, on the whole, over II.
Sure, the latter was a proper revelation, and a beautifully crafted videogame - I don’t mean gamaplay-wise only… It was a perfect blend of each of its parts, art, design, music and mechanics - but in my opinion III was so much ahead of its time. Presentation is subordinate to personal tastes (I love it), but it still feels so good to play today, with its fast pace, tons of enemies on screen, fantastic 2 players combo, weapons, different movesets…

I have a very personal attachment to the game too, as it was the very first game I’ve ever imported. Even though I still messed it up - by playing it on a slow ass PAL Mega Drive console - I remember the utter astonishment of discovering the unexpected (such as full color manuals, posters, Japanese adverts…) for the first time. :smiley:


BK3 is a lot of fun to play, and I don’t know why it doesn’t have a fonder memory amongst fans of 2, but it might have a lot to do with the American version kinda having a shitty difficulty curve? Not sure.

Regardless, besides the soundtrack that could have used more time in the cooker ( the poets 2 is incredible though) the aesthetics of this game are incredible. Really love the portrait and sprite work in this one. There is a lot of character in the art.


The only game I own is Rocket Knight Adventures. I played it on the Everdrive and just had to have it,its such an amazing game that I missed out on back in the day!

I just purchased 50 or so Genesis games,I’ve been using various Top 100 lists to pick out only games that are really good,going for a super curated collection for my classic consoles. I never had one back in the day so I feel like I’m playing catchup here.

Im kinda shocked that the prices haven’t gotten out of hand like they are for SNES,NES and TG16. There are only a handful of +$100 games that are actually good so I feel like nows the time for me to pick up the best stuff before it gets really stupid.


Man, if I didn’t have a mortgage I’d have so much more money to sink into retro MD Hoarding. :ok_hand:


The sound priority system is out of whack in SoR3 which diminishes the feel of the combat compared to the previous games. Impact sounds often get canceled by other sounds which doesn’t happen as much in 2. I think it’s mostly due to enemy KO screams playing the moment you hit them, rather than triggering once they hit the ground.