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Im happy that people finally realizing the Genesis is a great system with a lot of depth within its library… Sad for those that are starting to collect for it.


Has anyone here played Batman & Robin for the Genny? I got around to it for the first time last month and fell in love with the game. Its incredible and one of many titles that shutdown the whole “Genesis has crappy graphics” thing some folks hold onto. I did a video on it as well if anyone wishes to check out.


I remember thinking it looked amazing, but much like a bunch of other Batman games of the time, it was hard as fuck. Not as bad as the several driving based games that Batman had, but still pretty rough for me.


Love the SoR3 JP cover! Dat Blaze!!


Holy shit, subbed for the awesome channel intro alone. Mega Drive combining with MCD and 32X like Jeeg is HYPE!

And you also give me the perfect excuse to link this:

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That’s true. Not really compared to BK - which is quite flimsy as well, in that regard - but BKII provided a very satisfying feedback, with its mixture of perfect punching sounds and that ‘shaking’ effect on the enemies.


I always found the difficulty complaints of Batman & Robin to be kind of overstated. I actually find the moment to moment gameplay in itself to be more forgiving than Gunstar Heroes. Learning patterns is easier, there’s more margin for error, things like enemy projectiles often have a limited range across the screen if you pay attention, and you get way more opportunities to refill your health throughout the stages. It’s the fact that you don’t have unlimited continues that mainly makes it seem more difficult. I die a lot more in Gunstar Heroes, and the fact that it doesn’t operate on a life system that respawns you where you left off like traditional arcade style games do, makes it a more frustrating experience for me.

Glad that MDP picked up on the utility aspect of the flying kicks. Using that as a means to help dodge projectiles and stuff was something I intuitively picked up on, but it seems that not everyone does from my experience of watching played footage.


I agree! I 1 cced this game about 2 years ago and that took some time to do. The Hatter stage is what gives me the most trouble. You get past that and your good. Also, it’s easily one of the most impressive games on the system and lands in my top 5 for the Genesis.

I just picked this game back up the other night and had my ass handed to me. Easy to forget the patterns​:rofl::rofl:


Gun star is super easy for me. Maybe I should give Batman a second chance. :sleepy:


Same here. I can sleepwalk through Gunstar now, but have never beat the first stage of Batman. Granted, I’ve only picked it up a couple of times. I really should put some more time into it.


It never dawned on me how influenced by gunstar Batman was. Never played for more than a few mins, but, yeah, holy shit.


I always try my best to understand the game’s mechanics and what those mechanics allow me to do. I feel like Batman is one of those titles where you really gotta learn how it flows to truly get the most benefits. At first the game is certainly brutal but once you reach a compromise with the game feel, its smooth sailing. At that point its all on the player’s reflexes and skill level.

Instantly came into that realization. I noticed a lot of comments of people comparing it to Contra, which I completely understand, but Gunstar was really the first game that came to mind. I am surprised you had trouble with it to be frank. Then again I know Gunstar Heroes like the back of my hand so its not exactly fair for me to say that :sweat_smile:


Ah man thanks buddy!! :hugs:


keep forgetting i got a case for Gain Ground with no cart - anyone see a loosey of that one for $20 or less, grab it & ill pay you!


Any recommendations on Japanese only Sega CD games?


It’s not a Japanese exclusive - and you probably already own it, if you have an NTSC-J Mega CD system - but the original, uncensored release of Final Fight CD is a must have, in my opinion.


Thanks! That’s a good suggestion. I was also thinking about Annette Again.


I’ll second this. Beyond maintaining the brassiere-clad Jessica in the intro and keeping the underboob on poison and roxy, it also has a really nice presentation with the physical packaging.


As odd as it sounds - since it’s quite a collectible trilogy - I’m not the biggest fan of the Annette/Earnest Evans games. But if you’re looking for games in collector’s perspective, you should definitely add the Uruseiyatsura (Lum) point and click adventure to your list. Pretty much unplayable if you can’t read Japanese, but the anime cutscenes are the absolute best you can get, on the system.


Night Striker. There are better ways to play this Taito arcade port but to me there’s something cool about playing it on Mega CD, even if it is more pixelly.


Just grabbed Batman&Robin after reading this thread lol, one of the few games i still missed!