Separated at birth

So I have been playing Kururin Paradise (2002) again and there’s this mini game Super Jumper スーパージャンパー and the game as a whole is credited to Nintendo/EIGHTING:

I immediately recalled this mode of Wii Play Motion (2011), Jump Park, credited to Nintendo/Arzest:

In both you bounce on platforms and the angle of your body on impact affects your direction. Goal is to collect items that are floating in the sky.

And now I’m wondering, is this concept Nintendo’s but they let these two developers make versions of it? One of the many Nintendo prototypes that are kept until needed?

Any thoughts?


No doubt, Nintendo loves reusing and adapting their prototypes to create unique gameplay scenarios, but I think this is one of those things that could just be a coincidence. This is a gameplay concept used in many other games - Sonic, Pinball, brickbreaker, etc. Heck Donkey Kong Country had some bonus areas that were somewhat similar to this.

You may be right that it’s an intentional reuse. But I think it’s just as likely to be a total coincidence.

Edit: Even Balloon Fight kinda feels similar.

I see what you mean, those are similar, but these are identical in terms of gameplay.

You are a spring bouncing up platforms, collecting coins/gems, and the angle of your impact influences where you end up.

You’ll see if you play them, it’s the spring/angle mechanic that is unique not just collecting things in the sky.

If those other games you’ve mentioned have the same spring/angle mechanic, then do post some videos.

Donkey Kong Country has springs, and barrels/arrows like the Wii version, but your angle of impact isn’t a part of the gameplay.

(Balloon Fight is basically Joust, totally different to this concept.)

If there are more than these two, I’m interested to find out which is the original.

A bit different but still reminiscent, is Squid Jump from Splatoon.

That one’s closer to the Spring Mario power up from one of the Galaxy games too.

Oh I didn’t realize that angle aspect. Makes sense. You may be right!

Definitely seeing Doodle Jump for this one!