Sonic 3D Flickies' Island Director's Cut (Mega Drive)

Jon Burton, of Traveller’s Tales, apparently recently found his old consoles in his attic, because he opened a Youtube channel to give us loads of info about the games he made on the Mega Drive and Saturn.

But more than just giving us info on how he crammed a full-motion video into a cartridge, or how different early prototypes of Sonic R were, he decided to fix some of the stuff he made back in the day.

He decided to have a go with Sonic 3D, for reasons unknown, and started releasing a bunch of videos explaining all the changes he’s making:

Things being changed or tweaked:
movement: speed, inertia, collisions
better camera
less frustrating flickies
Super Sonic
Level editor
crabs! (level editor and regular levels)
password save game
on/off toggle for directors cut
lots of bugs and small gameplay tweaks

The plan is to release a patch file to allow people who own the game to play the Directors cut.


MAN!!! I can’t wait for this to release! The videos are such a fascinating window into genny/md development. I cant belive they didn’t have a score counter becuase there wasn’t enough video memory!

Been following this and it is boss as fuck. Sure, not the best of the Sonics but that he is willing and able to do this is just amazing to me.

Here he also explains how the animated logo and game over screens were made possible. At first I thought it was just a pretty straightforward case of 1-bit frames, but since the Genesis will treat them as 16 colors regardless of how many are used, the solution is actually quite a bit more complex and clever than that using palette shifting tricks.

I’ve been following this too! The behind these scenes videos are fantastic! Can’t wait to play his updated version :slight_smile:

Video game developers are FUCKING AMAZING. I would never in a million years come up with something like that.

Short video but loads of content. This Director’s cut really is going to redeem Sonic 3D.

Now with 100% more map backgrounds!

Wish more geniuses would dig up their old MD code and update it! Is this the only piece of Sega source code to survive the 90s,lol?!:joy::joy::joy:


I need a flash cart to play this the right way.

The patch is out!

And the site!

And the direct link

It’s still in beta, so it may contain bugs, and the time challenges may or may not be challenging and need to be tweaked.