Sooo... Super Nintendo Online everybody?

This. I’m surprised they left the rebirth games out of the Castlevania and Contra collections given they thematically and mechanically fit in with the games in those collections (unlike, say, Castlevania post Rondo of Blood). With M2 handling the collections you’d think it would be a no-brainer that the games they developed would be in them…

And also on real hardware (requires modified cart):

Drakon though lol…

The SD2SNES also supports SuperFX overclocking.

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Never played Stunt Race FX before. Choppy as hell but damn there is a lot here.

Interested to hear how high it can go

I’ll check tomorrow and get back to you!

Not being able to see very far ahead brings it down, though. I never liked it anywhere near as much as Star Fox because of that.

Master difficulty on Stunt Race FX is brutal. I think the stages there hammer the framerate too much as well. @matt was saying that due to low yields the Super FX chips had to be downclocked before production, shame they couldn’t release the game a year later but with the FX 2.

The physics in Stunt Race FX continue to impress me, the second novice circuit with its half-pipes and glass tube really show how fun the suspension on the vehicles can behave. It’s like a precursor to Wave Race 64 and 1080 Snowboarding in the sense that they’ve modelled the physics to be a halfway house between fun and realism.

Pilotwings is like that too, and it’s just as impressive in little moments like when you land the plane and it bounces a bit. Really impressive how they’ve mapped each segment of each ring to coordinates in 3D space. Despite its mode 7 tech it’s just as playable as the other two Pilotwings games today.

I played through the whole game this evening using RetroArch SNES9x with Super FX overclocking. Enjoyed it!

Master becomes a whole lot easier when you use the triggers to turn instead of the d-pad. It enables 90-degree turns with little error, for example. It makes turning much more predictable.

Interestingly, I played Novice at 150% Super FX overclock. But with Expert I had to increase it to 200%, and Master up to 250%. The frame rate gets worse as you go through the game due to the increasingly complicated track and level design, as you say.

I think the emulator has sound issues? Mario World is missing some sounds.

Okay so after doing a bit of reading it looks like it isn’t an overclock per se; Ikari_01 in a blog post stated that the core supports the removal of memory access latency which lets it run faster.

In the SD2SNES itself it is referred to as SuperFX speed with a normal and fast setting. After noodling around with it, it doesn’t seem to be a drastic increase as while StarFox runs smoother it is still playable with the speed increase.

Loving this service. Stunt Race was one one of my favorite SNES games. The physics were incredible. There is a weight to your vehicles that you never really saw that generation. A 60FPS Stunt Race remaster is my dream. That game has amazing track design, but it is limited with by the framerate of the original.

This is more like how it was when I played it:

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Got sick of waiting for the official SNES Switch pad to become available to order so I got an 8bitdo Gbros adapter, what a fantastic device, it works flawlessly. Have been using my SNES Classic pad to play games in the SNES app which feels sooooo good, also works great with the NES app (although I really wish you could remap the buttons). Also tried it with some shmups such as Ikaruga and Strikers 1945 III, getting high scores with no issue. Am now using it to play some Mega Man 2 on the Legacy Collection and it’s smooth as butter. You just cannot beat playing 2D games on a SNES Dpad (or a Saturn Dpad), this is so good. Now I can fire up a new file on Super Metroid the way it’s meant to be controlled, been waiting until I could use a SNES pad.

Edit: Also tried SNES pad on Yoshi’s Crafted World, works beautifully, will definitely be completing the game that way (also played through Woolly World using the SNES Classic pad). Tried it on Monster Boy, yikes. The problem is you have to hold down ZR/LR at the same time in order to change forms which is simulated on the SNES pad by holding start/select at the exact same time. Problem on Monster Boy is unless you hit them at the exact same time you’ll either bring up the world map or the status screen. And when you get the form screen to pull up it uses that touchy “wheel” function which is very hard to use on the SNES pad. But apparently there is an update coming which will make the form selection easier to use.

God damn I would’ve loved this game if it played like that on real hardware back then.

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Hey its virtua racing, but with sentient cars!

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