Stupid name of things in video games

Wheter it’s due to bad translations, cluelessness or a serious case of The Anime, the world of video games has blessed us with many stupid names. What are your favourites (can be of any thing)? Mine are:

Shpiggs (an alien race) -Kreed
Tacklmacain (a gas) - The Sniper II
The final boss of Super Princess Peach, which is creatively named, um, Bowser 2.

Square Enix seems like a repeat offender in my eyes just with their titles:

Infinite Undiscovery
Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
Bravely Default
Bravely Second End Layer


Just… these are some of the most WTF titles I’ve ever seen in gaming.

The names of items in classic final fantasy games are also very useless in that you always need to check the description to understand what they do. It shouldn’t be that way.

Antidote is one of the only self-evident items. Everything else is “Fenix Down” or something equivalently bad. It makes the games more opaque than they need to be.

Even though everyone’s used to it, “Castlevania” still sounds to me like a six year old came up with it.

This reminds me how much I hated all the lingo in FFXIII… Fal’cie and Li’cie or whatever, I played it for so many hours and still had nfi what they were talking about.

I am playing through Phantasy Star 2 right now, and can I just say the names of the spells drive me crazy. I’ve restricted myself to just using the manual and the hint book, but the spell names are so confusing.

Granted, there is a certain charm in taking notes as I play, I haven’t done that in ages.

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It is kind of hard to decipher unlike other games made up spell name languages. I kind of wish we lived in an alternate timeline where PS was super popular and those names were what everyone knew for skills.


Star Fox Adventures was full of this. I’ll always remember the line “The white GrubTubs only grow inside the ancient well” from one of the dinosaurs, to name just a single case…

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…and they even gave you a hint book!

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Yeah, but the hint book only contains all the dungeon maps and some hints and strategies. Some of the spell names are in the manual, but not all of them.

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Yeah, I know. I was being sarcastic. I own the game and the “hint book”. :slight_smile:

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You talk trash about the names of Phantasy Star’s spells, but .\hack’s spell names are way worse.

Want bad naming? Dungeon Explorer for the TG-16
Villain name: Natas (read it backwards. Also in portuguese it means something like whipped cream)
Character who betrays you: drum roll


I laughed hard the minute I saw those. “I wonder if this guy is going to back stab me…”