Blaster Master Zero Series

I just found out that there is a trilogy (!) of Blaster Master games on the Switch, and they’re all in 2D (!). Considering Blaster Master is one of my favorite NES games of all time, you can call me excited.

Has anyone in here played them? What did you think?

Edit: Seems III isn’t it out yet.

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They are really fun to play. First game is a sort of remake of the first Blaster Master on the nes with additional mechanics and story that takes the NA story and runs with it. Second is even more off the rails story wise. Both are great metroidvanias that have only one problem. How much they pander to otaku and pedophiles.

And this is why I can’t recommend them. Again, I love how they play and the anime styling of them are right up my alley. But like nearly all inti creates games they go too far in the sexualisation for no reason at all other than to cater to shitty people and I’ve grown tired of it. The pedo stuff isn’t as bad as Azure Striker or Luminous Avenger, but it’s there. Mostly in the second game.

I wish there was a market for these kind of games without all that extra baggage. :c

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That’s really crappy to hear, I’m not a fan of that either.

Hopefully the gameplay supercedes the cringe factor.

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Yeah its really too bad. I did like that they had Shovel Knight and Shantae as playable DLC characters in the first game though.

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I really enjoyed the first game although I didn’t finish it. I didn’t really notice the cringe in that one although it’s possible I didn’t get far enough. But I can’t deal with that stuff in general. It’s one of the reason some of the cave shmups don’t appeal to me.

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I haven’t played the second one yet but the first is quite good. Even though it stays true to the feel of the original in terms of controls/general feel, it’s kind of the opposite in terms of difficulty. The maps and save functions make it much easier. If you have a 3DS, the demo of that version is probably still there.

I may be a little harsh on it because of how frustrated I am with how much things I really enjoy have to also have otaku pandering in them. I can’t recall there being any sexualized little girls in it them unlike the Azure Striker series at least.

For a comparison of the character designs going from 1 > 2 here is a post from resetera that has some screenshots that I just don’t want to post;

But yeah, if you loved the original Blaster Master then you would probably love Zero 1 since it is that game +. Everything will feel very familiar to you with same general areas and similar upgrades but more story bits. Zero 2 is better in nearly every regard gamplaywise, upgrading a ton of stuff and adding in more exploration and character interactions/secrets, but also upgrading the pandering. YMMV.

That character stuff is so embarrassing. Most fans of classic Blaster Master are over 40 now and don’t want that immaturity in the franchise’s revival.

It’s hard. I appreciate that they can’t make their money off of existing fans so of course they wouldn’t target the game solely at them. The “otaku” market is huge and it goes hand and hand with people like me that find it super distasteful, but still overlook it to try to enjoy something that has other qualities I like. And for the record, I actually “like” the cheesy over the top anime story and melodrama added to the Zero games. I’m not anti anime, I’m anti anime.

Generally speaking I have a hard time speaking for fans of anything since I’ve had to accept that I’m not the target audience for just about anything I consume/enjoy. And since I don’t speak with my wallet, me not enjoying certain aspects of something means nothing at all. Whereas someone who will only buy a waifu game has much more “power” in the market, so to speak.

Anyway, moving on before going to meta. Inti Creates just strikes a chord with me in that they can be the absolute border of tolerable while having amazing gameplay, and it just doesn’t need to be this way. I want better, but better to me isn’t better to others.

All this for a thread asking how Blaster Master Zero is. It’s good, play it.

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For those interested I saw that Amazon Japan has a physical edition for Blaster Master Zero 1,2,3. I’m not sure if it’ll have english but the digital versions of 1+2 both had English so it’s quite likely.

Same here.