Super NT 720p option not available?

A friend brought over his Super NT and hooked it up to my 2007 year 1080p Hitachi Plasma (technically 1080i, it upscales up to 1080p) and for some reason the 720p option is not available, only 1080p, he says this is really weird and he’s never seen it before. I know my TV also does 720p (why wouldn’t it?), is there some kind of setting I might need to adjust or are some older TVs not compatible with the NT’s 720 mode?

That’s wacky! I have only used the Super Nt on a TV made in the last five years, but I have no issues with running it in either resolution.

Strong Google Fu may bring you some answers!

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It’s actually something to do with your plasma. I sometimes connect my laptop up to the plasma here in the office but it will not accept the 720p signal at all. It will accept some crazy resolution setting though. This TV was made before the HD standard was confirmed I’m guessing. Its that old that they called it Full HD on the TV rather than HD.


Like Yakumo says; your TV is pre proper HD standards, thus resulting in weird resolutions accepted and some not.

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Thanks for the replies, guys.

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