Best external scaler for sub 1080p PS3 content?

So it feels like my fixed pixel display is adding lag to PS3 games that aren’t there for sources that output a 1080p image. For those of you who don’t know, PS3 doesn’t have a built in hardware scaler like most other modern HD consoles - Xbox 360, Wii U, Switch, PS4, etc.

Instead, a lot of the scaling is handled on the software side of things, which often results in a 720p image being output from the system even if you select 1080p in the PS3’s system settings.

So I was wondering if there’s a way around this to have only a 1080p image being output to my HDTV from the PS3 at all times. I already have a Framemeister that I really don’t use much, but from what I remember, it can only pass through HDMI content rather than upscale it. Another option would be to output from PS3 to the Framemeister via component and then upscale that way - which I haven’t really tried yet. I have a BNC matrix switch that would make this easy to set up, but to be honest, I am not a big fan of navigating the menus of the Framemeister and I also feel like the image quality isn’t as clean as I would like in general. (Yes, I’m pretty exacting).

My question to everyone, therefore, is whether there’s a purely digital HDMI solution out there that can do the upscale quickly rather than going the analogue/Framemeister route. Any ideas?

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Huh. I never noticed this because I run my ps3 through a dvdo edge scaler. It does a fantastic job with 480/720 content but it’s aparently quite hard to find these days.

That’s interesting – I had no idea that the PS3’s hardware didn’t properly scale the image prior to sending it to the display.

Not sure if this would be a variable or not, but would the presence of HDCP affect the compatibility of such scalers/adapters?

I remember looking for compatibly adapters to connect a PS3 to an Apple Cinema Display and not finding any solutions.

These days you can strip hdcp from older hdmi stuff pretty easily if it gives you any problems.