Mega Everdrive Pro is coming, promises to compete with the Terraonion Mega SD. What are your thoughts?

Seems like it’s definitely better than the Mega SD, and I can certainly appreciate the normal cart size.

I don’t think it would be worth swapping out of you already had a Mega SD though.


Went up for sale a few days ago. I always prefer to wait a bit when something like this first comes out to see if there are any early bugs/issues in the first revision but it does look pretty great.

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I’m not giving TerraOnion my money if I can avoid it. Their recent nonsense with SNES has only confirmed what a shitty company they are.

I have a working MCD but I’ll pick one of these up on sale as a backup. Hoping Krikzz adds MD+ support.

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Looks like Krikzz isn’t planning to add MD+ support anytime soon. But he has an alternative:

I have a Mega SD and it works great for what it does, but if the Mega ED Pro had come out earlier, I absolutely would have bought that instead.

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Yeah I just saw this yesterday! it’s great that his alternative will support real hardware meaning people like me can burn romhacks to disc.

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What did they do?

A basic summary: The owner of TO pretty much dragged Krikzz’s efforts through the mud, then said he could do a better job than SD2SNES/FXPAK Pro with his own SNES cart, before proceeding to tell everyone he was asking Ikari (creator of SD2SNES) for a license to recreate the SD2SNES (or rather just the cores).

Ikari ended up refusing TO’s request, saying that licensing SD2SNES to TO would hurt himself more. This drama all went down on Twitter a few weeks back. I think the owner of TO even ended up suspending his personal Twitter account (@alexk1dd).


I thought the ability to be compatible with real hardware was pretty cool. It’s a much better solution to MD+

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Perfect summary - there’s nothing wrong with TO wanting to make their own product but the way they went about it was ridiculous.

That said I really don’t think there’s much more room for development with the last month giving us SGB and save state support, what else is there?

Creating such a niche product in such a tight market really is a bizarre move… but then again we’re about to see 3 ODEs for both Saturn and Dreamcast so wth do I know.

I do wish Krikzz wouldn’t stoop down to TO’s level either. I follow him on Twitter and he keeps making digs at the Mega SD and he really doesn’t need to. Both Mega SD and Mega ED Pro are good products and both have their pros and cons, end of story.

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Yeah I know what you mean. Matt from cybdyn was doing the same thing with 8bitmods PSX ODE.

There’s some big egos flying around and it all gets a bit tiresome.

Thanks for the info, what a mess :joy:
Gaming personalities and Twitter are a horrible combination.

Generally talking to people with legitimate concerns in the manner of the average 4chan user instead of acting like a professional company run by adults.

To me it’s not just that, their handling of the SSDS3 when it came out and had all kinds of issues was terrible. Their attitude towards customers that paid them 300 bucks for something that didn’t work as advertised was too fucking bad deal with it, its good enough for us. It took 3 revisions to implement everything Voultar told them they had to do to fix it, they also bailed on paying Voultar for his work on that after they said they would. Then they go and move to a tax shelter country with a shit post office with out telling anyone and suddenly all their Eurocustomers are getting hit with insane delivery fees when shit shows up.

They’re a shit company, and IMHO they can go get fucked, I’ll never support one of their products.


This hobby tends to attract some immature people. Not sure why.

Glad it’s not prevalent on Retro Game Boards though.


According to Game Sack it isn’t as good as the Mega SD. Good and plus points told for each.

I saw that video as well. They seem like minor issues though and it looks like Krikzz could fix them in future firmware updates.

Also a couple of things in the video were odd, in that official word was that they were supported. Like CD audio for Pier Solar.

Yeah Krikzz has video up of the stuff Joe from Gamesack said wasn’t working, working. I saw on twitter then going back and forth trying to figure out why it wasn’t working for Joe.

I like Joe but I always take his technical reviews with a grain of salt - it doesn’t really seem like his strong suit.