Superior console ports.

Ha, ha, yeah, true, that is a nice touch!

Radiant Silvergun - saturn mode has extra bosses, stages and music compared to the arcade ST-V

Twinkle Star Sprites - Sega Saturn version just for the extra character and anime intro.

Gradius - pc engine version. Love the music on that and extra stage, but I can’t remember if the arcade had slowdown like the pce version.

If it had multiplayer, tue PCE CD version of Gain Ground would definitely be tops… instead, it just has to settle for “arguably better.” Graphics and music blow the arcade out of the water.

I recall reading somewhere (can’t find the source though) that the Dreamcast version of House of the Dead 2 is slightly upgraded over the NAOMI version, as the arcade version was using an early spec of the NAOMI hardware.

It’s way better than the Arcade since that runs on a PlayStation derived board. The Arcade version of Soul Calibur looks awful compared to the Saturn.

Ah, but what about the Dreamcast port of Twinkle Star Sprites? :grinning:

I never owned this on Dreamcast but I had no idea it existed till a few years ago… so I keep forgetting it exists…

There’s a Saturn port?

You havnt played it? When everyone talks about soul caliber blowing their minds, that’s the version!

Hyper Duel on Saturn has both the original arcade and a special Saturn version with much better visuals.

I fully agree with Golden Axe on Genesis. It’s graphically downgraded but all the little gameplay things you can do via timing of attacks makes it more strategic and enjoyable than any other version. Plus I had a lot of fun with the vs. mode in the pre SF2 era.

I find Gravitar on 2600 controls much nicer than the arcade version (at least via emulation, I haven’t seen a real arcade version in a very long time).

There are tons of games where I prefer the console ports over the arcade versions but it’s almost always for gameplay, not visuals.

I’m gonna say that despite the Nintendo censorship, the NES port of Maniac Mansion was better than the PC. The music is likely a large part of that. This song, for example, completely rocks my face off:

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To be fair, the PC is itself a port of the C64 original:

Also, most people only ever heard the Beeper version of the soundtrack on their PC, when the Tandy got the better music thanks to its three channel AY:

compared to

The Tandy original is my favourite of the bunch. I really don’t like the disharmonious beeps and boops they added in the enhanced version, or how they used the SID chip on the C64.

Do you mean the Dreamcast port?

Of course I do. I was being sarcastic!

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I thought so – you seem like a reasonable man! Lol

So long as you remember the games next week I’ll remain that way! :open_mouth:

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Oops, sorry. I meant Dreamcast.

I think Winds/lords of Thunder for the pce super cd-rom/turbo duo is superior to the sega cd but maybe I’m just biased.


Bomberman’ 94 too for the pce is a step up from the mega drive/genny; mega bomber man


uggghhh I just realised I’m turning this into a console war >.>

I’d agree with you on that. The audio on the Mega CD has been rearranged and not it a good way. It also looks worse.

Bomber man though I think isn’t better or worse on the PC Engine, it’s just a different version. We all know that Saturn Bomberman is the only Bomberman you need though :smiley: