Switch orange screen on bootup

So late last night I booted up my Switch OLED to play some Dragon Quest XI and got a system update prompt, whatever it was related to must have just been one of those anti mod “stability” firmware releases because it was extremely quick. Anyways, played DQ XI for about an hour and as a chaser got wrecked by Gradius III for the 100th time before putting the system into sleep mode and heading to bed. This morning I see that the Switch is in its dock……glowing bright orange. I remove it and this is what it looks like:

I can’t recall if this ever happened to my old Switch. In any case I googled this and at first panicked because of course it was referred to as the Switch “Orange screen of death.” One of the results said to simply hold down the power button for about 12 seconds until it turned off, wait a bit and then reboot (which fortunately worked) along with monitoring it to make sure it doesn’t occur again, ensure the system version is the latest, ect. Other results I looked at though said this indicates a serious hardware issue related to either the motherboard or wifi chip so now I’m not sure what to think. Anybody else here run into this before? I’m hoping this is just a temporary, random issue possibly as a result of whatever the firmware update last night was but guess we’ll see.

I mean, wait and see, if it happens again soon go and exchange it?

A reboot fixing it is a good sign though.

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Yeah, seems to be fine now, guess I was overthinking it a bit based on some of the info I was reading but better safe than sorry.

Well, one week later it happened again, starting to get a bit worried now. Guess I’ll be calling Nintendo Customer Svc tomorrow to see if they have any ideas.

Nintendo Switch Orange Screen On Bootup - Repair Preservation Group.

Seems like it’s a faulty Wi-Fi chip. It’ll need to be replaced or reflowed.

Ugh, bummer. :expressionless:

So taking this with a grain of salt but I also posted a thread about this on ResetEra and one of the people who replied insisted it’s not caused by a hardware issue but the orange screen is apparently an unknown software exception error of some kind according to the corresponding error code list here:


I also can’t help but wonder if that firmware update from last week has anything to do with this, maybe it’s just a coincidence but this started happening right after it.

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Nice find. Interesting how there are competing reasons for the orange screen. Perhaps there are hardware or firmware differences that lead to that.

Probably best to get Nintendo on the phone and they can tell you difinetively.

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Small update: I called Nintendo customer service yesterday and they weren’t sure what is causing it either at this point but they created an open ticket and said if it happens again to call them while the orange screen is being displayed. The rep also asked and notated which titles I had been playing prior to the first time it happened in case that ends up being relevant.

This happened to me to did you ever figure out what causes it I have the oled switch and left it on overnight charging. Really not sure if it’s hardware or software mine is barely 2 weeks old and I only used it enough since I don’t have many games yet to charge it once

Hi, it happened to me again last week after at least a few weeks of it not occurring. Unfortunately I never got a definitive answer as to the issue other than the info I posted above indicating that it’s some kind of odd software related error. At least it’s apparently not hardware related, here’s hoping Nintendo eventually releases an update that fixes it (assuming they’re even aware of it at this point).

Dang well if I figure it out or if you figure it out will have to let the other one know hopefully I got that same as you the white oled model and it does the same

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