UltraHDMI - Bricked (lost power in my house during firmware upgrade) Help!


Was upgrading the firmware on my ultrahdmi via everdrive to 1.07a to fix the audio popping, and a power cut occured (snow hit area here)

It’s now bricked. Can only update it via jtag, but there’s no file to be found anywhere nor any guide. Anyone got any ideas? I’ve emailed marshallh and left a post but fuck knows if I’ll get help

That sucks. Hopefully they’ll exchange it for you. I hope it all works out Rich.

I don’t need an exchange, that’s the thing…I can flash the upgrade myself via jtag, but there’s no file or documentation online at all for it.

maybe @mega can help

I’ll shoot you a PM with the UltraHDMI guy’s contact info.

Easy bricking during upgrade by inexperienced people (not you) or freak accidents (in your case) is why he initially didn’t want to publicly distribute firmware upgrade files. They were only available to legit vendors who did mods or distributed the hardware.

I’ve heard that Marshall isn’t great at responding to emails.

I’ve been in touch with him in the past. May have had to wait a while but he always responded.

I’ve sent an email

As long as I get the file to flash to it with my blaster, I’m happy. Otherwise a perfectly decent install and £150 purchase is as good as junk.

Is it a different file than the one RetroRGB links to on this page?


Yeah, that’s the one I used loaded via the ED64. It took about 10 minutes, but halfway through our power tripped and didn’t come back for half an hour. And now it’s bricked, and it can only be fixed by flashing the FPGA directly via jtag…and only marshallh and select installers have the files.

Aww that sucks Rich :frowning: UltraHDMI is an expensive yet awesome mod. Fingers crossed the sellers can help you out. Was it a power cut because of the weather? UK has been getting crazy weather these past days.

Yep. It’s like fucking siberia out here.

I’m stranded in my house with my mate playing games (ha, not the worst situation to be in!) and this morning I decided to upgrade my ultraHDMI to the alternate version to get rid of the audio popping my cable has. And then the electricity tripped!!!

fucking hell :frowning:

What really fucks me off is that my soldering skills are first class.

I’ve installed multiple NESRGB boards with no issue. I’ve built mega drive RGB bypass boards, built GB flashcarts from scratch

And I’ve been fucked over by a fucking power cut. It ain’t fair.

@Rich I am so sorry mate. I hope you can fix it. This is such a bummer to hear about.

I really hope so. If not, I’ll make it my absolute goal to never recommend anything by Marshallh (this was OTT, sorry)

I’ve spoken to viletim before and he was absolutely perfect in terms of communication.

Isn’t Marshallh young. Could he be in college? Might be a reason for his delay.

Honestly, your issue was 99.99999% improbable situation. I have a battery backup I plug things i am updating in just in case. We had rolling blackouts here in california as well as the rain will often kill things. So unless its over 100 F or pouring rain it’s usually safe. It’s been years since we had rolling blackouts but i am always worrying about them.

I’m sure Marshall will help, he never came off as a jerk or anything. I’m no one and he was nice and handed over a firmware beta that wasn’t in the wild, when I asked for trivial reasons.

@Kawika Yeah, I actually think he was wrapping up HS when the UltraHDMI released.

Years ago I had an issue with my 64drive where it stopped reading the memory card. For some reason I was hanging out in the #n64dev irc channel on efnet at the time, and marshallh also used to be there. So I wrote him there and he responded pretty much immediately and had me send it back for a replacement. Perhaps you can still find him in that channel.

edit: posted on #n64dev

hopefully someone there can help

posted a thread over at atariage…maybe the guys there can help

one idea I’ve got is taking the upgrade rom and pulling the firmware data from that. It sends the exact data needed over the video lines to the board, so the entire raw update has gotta be inside that rom, right?! If I can just extract it with a hex editor, that’d work!!

Another update…lets just say the next update will be after it’s fixed in a few days :slight_smile:

I’ve got the file I need thanks to someone very helpful, and I’ll flash it to the ultrahdmi board as soon as the header pins I need to connect it to my usb blaster arrive in the post.


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