The Fall Completion Challenge!


Ignoring the fact that Willy Beamish gets kinda dark (the babysitter scared me as a kid, haha), what about Torin’s Passage or The Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble ? Or maybe one of the Discworld games? Or maybe Blazing Dragons ?

Funny, it seems like all the cartoony, lighthearted games I can think of all have a fantasy vibe to them. Can’t really think of many other adventures that are both lighthearted and have a “modern” setting like Willy Beamish.


Yeah, what I am struggling with. It’s basically a “kids cartoon/“modern” sitcom family” setting which is rare for games in general unless they are some licensed property.


Finished up River City Ransom last night on the Switch’s NES service. I hadn’t really played this before so I was surprised to find out this is basically an action-RPG beat 'em up.

Used save states only as interrupts. Not that you need to save scum; dying only means you lose half your money and start at the previous shopping area on the map. Most deaths were accidentally running into pits! The game flew once I realized I could farm coins for stat upgrades a lot faster from the two-person miniboss near the beginning. My one hiccup was initially thinking the in-game dialogue was nonsense and not realizing I was being directed to find and fight bosses in a specific order that they appear in… I had to look at what was up when I got stuck at the HS gate at the end of the map. Fun game but it’s pretty much a breeze when you have stats up and equip the rapid punch or kick. I love this game’s NA cover art:


Shit is what made me love the game back in the day. “Oh shit you can actually explore and things change”. Was amazing at the time, especially for a beat em up.


Competed R-Type on the Master System today! It’s my original copy from when I was a kid, and I’ve never been able to finish it.

Like many shmups, the game gets much more difficult when you die and lose all your power-ups, so I just didn’t die!


Beat New Super Mario Brothers DS and got every coin/alternative exit for 100% completion.

Think I have to say that New Super Mario Brothers DS is without a doubt the worst Mario game I have ever played. Not saying it is bad but the controls feel floaty, level designs don’t feel up to the usual Mario standard and it is so annoying that you can not store special Mario suits (mini/turtle), so you end up having to waste time with RNG trying to get them appear and then you can’t quick exit the level or you lose them…

Also now I have a NDS the most important thing was to finally play through Phantasy Star 0!

Maybe choosing to be a Force for my first character was a mistake as was often getting through quests without any issues at low levels but then really struggling to get any real damage output on bosses.

That eventually sorted itself out with a bit of leveling up but might need to do some more quests in Normal mode before I attempt Hard mode properly.

The DSi XL I bought is probably not the best way to play this game as the larger screens with lower pixel density likely makes the 3D look muddier than it needs to be and the positioning of the L/R buttons feel awkward and uncomfortable with extended play.


It’s definitely the most Phantasy Star Online like title to come out since the original PSO came out and highly enjoyable. It is however a real shame I will not be able to experience the game online.


Currently playing Aliens Infestation, maybe two-thirds of the way through. It’s a good looking game with nice pixel graphics, plays decently, but it’s basically a bad Metroidvania with somewhat stiff/plodding controls, like the opposite of how you move in The Mummy Demastered.

I’m getting tired of busting open vents and going inside, where you frequently have to crouch-walk slowly in search of an item or upgrade. Sometimes these sections run kind of long and there isn’t always something of importance to have made it worth the tedium and waste of time. And these areas aren’t on the map so you don’t always remember where they are or which ones you already traversed. I’m just playing now to finish it.


Well, I finally finished it… 20 years after release, I’ve finally beaten the original Sonic Adventure…

That game was, um, something all right. There were glimpses of greatness: every once and a while I’d get up to top speed and hit a couple jumps just right, and a smile would crack, but otherwise I’m happy to be done with it. The multiple campaign idea was neat, but they bordered on decent to just plain awful… Particularly Big the Cat and his fishing-based gameplay, which was god awful.

The cutscenes were atrocious too. As a launch title for the Dreamcast, and heralding in a new generation, the game feels very much like an early N64 or PSX game: lots of glitches, clipping, twitchy controls, terrible camera, etc…

The saving grace really was the music, that while cheesy, was actually quite enjoyable. I’m afraid to revisit Sonic Adventure 2, as I actually played that one when it launched on Gamecube and had a blast with it. While I’m sure it’s not as fun now as it was back when I was younger, I can’t imagine it being as bad as SA1.


Sonic Adventure 2 is better. It’s more coherent at the very least.

I finished SA on Dreamcast back when it was new and while there are many better games on the system, it’s still really freaking cool given how long it took to get something like that with Sonic.


Maybe it was because I played it a while after Adventure 1, but the flaws in 2 were way more glaring to me. I was really hyped for a 3d Sonic when the Dreamcast came out so even with it’s massive problems I played and love the fuck out of Adventure.


I started Minit on the Switch last night and finished it today. Very cute game, easy to pick up and only takes a couple of hours to beat. The monochrome Game Boy aesthetic is a very nice change of pace from the usual “8-bit NES” look of retro indie games. I recommend this for anyone who wants to kill a couple of hours on a trip without diving into anything too long or complex.

(I love that the trailer is exactly 1 minute!)


Beat Contra (using Konami code) a huge accomplishment! /sarcasm meter explodes

I’m working on beating it without K code, still using continues though so not a 1CC.


Looks interesting. What’s the price?


$10 according to the listing on Nintendo. I may have had some coins and paid less.


I finally completed Shantae. I started this save months ago, but for some reason never went back to it.

An amazing achievement for a Gameboy Colour game. The sprite work is incredible, with detailed and colourful animations throughout.


The other game I had in my recent backlog was N+ for DS.

This is a pretty good port of a flash game for PC, which I played a heap of back in the day.

There are fantastic platforming mechanics, and rag doll physics, flingling your body parts around the screen when you die (which is a lot).

The controls are super tight on the DSi XL, with it’s clicky d-pad and nice face buttons.

It reminds me of Super meat Boy and VVVVVV, if only for the many, many, many deaths incurred through normal play.

Unlike many NES era games I’ve been playing recently, the instant respawns means that there’s less pressure to play perfectly the whole time.


Sat down in my new little retro setup in the bedroom and on a whim decided to play Legend of Hero Tonma on PCE. Fun little action sidescroller, didn’t realize this was originally an arcade game and could be beat in under 30 minutes (far less if you’re good at it). The last boss is actually really easy and there are a couple harder ones earlier in the game.

I’ll be posting more pics in the scanlines thread. I got a new phone, OnePlus 6, takes really nice photos… which is awesome after the pretty big camera downgrade going from a Nexus 6P to a Xperia X Compact.


I did it, already finished!

Joking of course, that’s Red Dead Redemption 1. I’d never played it until about 2 weeks ago, so it was a pleasure to blast through in 4k the first time. I’ve already bought and installed the sequel and will probably start it tonight once my daughter’s in bed.


1-life clearing SMS R-Type is quite an accomplishment, bonus points for it being your childhood copy… Good job @raskulous! :slight_smile:


^^^This reminds me that R-Type Dimensions is coming to Switch soon. The re-skinned graphics look kinda cheap to me but the original art is all there, too.


Thanks! It’s one of those wins that makes you jump up and yell and holler like s lunatic rofl