The Fall Completion Challenge!

Spurred on by others, let’s make an effort to complete 2 games per month at minimum during this upcoming Fall season. Your “goal” is to complete at least 2 games per month and make a post about it in this thread (pictures encouraged)! Try to complete as many games as possible though! Feel free to give a mini-summary and/or review of the game. Both retro and modern games are welcome. Will revise OP as necessary :slight_smile:

Good luck!

For the sake of ease and simplicity, post your impressions, reviews, photos, etc. in one main posting for games you’ve completed. I have posted a “Completed Games” posting below (post # 12) if you want to follow a similar template for yourself. :slight_smile:


I’m currently in the middle of Pokemon Crystal and Tengai Makyou Zero. So hopefully I can complete both of those in September.

I have a whole raft of shorter NES and Genesis games I’ve been meaning to take a stab at soon as well.

Awesome! Definitely curious in how Tengai Makyou Zero is so looking forward to your impressions.

Just some suggestions that’s all up to you to consider and don’t mean to be so bossy since you went through the trouble of making the thread at my request, but could we do it as a 4-month thing with a goal for end of December?

I still think 2 per month (8 overall) is on the low side. I think 3 per month (12 in total), is a fair amount that adds a little extra challenge. Also on theme with RGB, it would be a nice idea to make it a requirement that at least half of the minimum completion amount should be retro games. Encourage folks to really dig into their backlogs and look for older titles rather than power through all the new releases.

Finally there probably needs to be a basic rule about open ended games. Elsewhere I think the consensus for endless games is the player spending a certain amount of hours… or feeling they did a good, thorough job of really exploring the game or its various modes.

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Well 2 per month is just the bare minimum but we encourage you to beat more.

In all seriousness though I’ve been thinking I want to better document the games I’ve been playing and this is a perfect excuse to!


This is a great idea, and I’m all for it! I’m playing a number of games currently, and a little extra incentive to finish them would be great. Count me in.

That being said, I’m also playing Zelda Breath of the Wild right now, so I may not be able to finish that, unless I zoom to the end, lol.

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This is an excellent topic. Sorry, I have been dealing with a lot of stuff in my personal life so I haven’t been on as much as I want to be.

I’ve been looking for an excuse to beat a few games.

I beat Radiant Silver gun last week, so I am counting that. I played it on one of the easier but not the easiest modes and I still died a ton. I am not much of a bullet hell guy but I do enjoy shmups that are doable for normal humans.

Can we do modern stuff too? I am really enjoying Donkey Kong Country Tropic Freeze. 3rd time is a charm with this one. It finally clicked for me and I am enjoying it so much. The last time I played the game, I nearly rage quit over the owl boss on world 2 and then last night I one shotted him and was so pumped I couldn’t put the game down long after I wanted to go to bed. The 3rd zone is an African themed zone and the music is so spot on perfect for this area. I don’t know if I am enjoying the music more than the game or if the music is making me love the game. I was tempted to listen to the OST today but I don’t even want the music spoiled for me at this point.

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Modern games are definitely welcome! I definitely jump between modern and retro stuff constantly. Tropical Freeze is a fantastic game; soundtrack certainly stands out on that one. I feel like the original DKCR unfairly doesn’t get quite the love its sequel does, but it’s also worth checking out if you haven’t IMO.

With the Switch you can get creative with how you tackle your backlog :stuck_out_tongue:
-Playing Dead Cells as well as Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4) at the moment.

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Should we each have an ongoing list post to track games beaten? The way we did it before was that a new post would include any newly finished games and then we go back and edit the original list post with these new entries. Main reasons being to cut down the repeat posting of our full lists + see all of someone’s progress in one place.

Updated OP.

Oh man. That flair scene from office space is getting mileage on this site.

I’m down for this challenge!

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Completed Games

  1. Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4)
    -Completed August 23rd

So I returned to this after not getting very far on PC a few years ago. Overall, it’s a pretty enjoyable game. It has good pacing, presentation, and its performance is great on console (1080/60). However, there’s some parts where I don’t feel the game successfully broadcasts to the player what it wants you to do. It’s not necessarily difficult, just odd or obtuse in parts. The game has a nice mix of secrets and things to collect throughout the game. For probably obvious reasons, its content and violence may be off-putting to some. I plan to play The Old Blood and The New Colossus soon.

Off-screen photo:


  1. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (PS4)
    -Completed August 27th

A short, but fairly fun expansion. The story doesn’t feel particularly engaging after the first game but you visit some interesting locations. A decent, but not a must-play game.

  1. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus (PS4)
    -Completed August 31st

I think I liked this entry the most of the rebooted series. The game makes great strides forward in presentation, writing, and visuals. The world-building and side content is vastly improved over the first game, which was hardly bad. The story sees a much greater focus in this one; your mileage may vary if you prefer this or not but it allows for greater variety in the levels and what the player is seeing and doing. I have a couple of issues with some areas and the plot (one character is pregnant while shooting, throwing grenades, and running around makes me suspend my disbelief a little too much, for example). That being said, generally the writing is smart, funny, and happy to subvert your expectations throughout the plot. Looks fantastic on the PS4 Pro as well.

Overall, happy to have played through these 3 entries and would recommend them to fans of old-school shooters.

Off-screen photo:


This is my post that I will be updating with new games I’ve beaten or currently playing.

Completed Games


1. Hollow Knight, Switch
Fun but thought it dragged a bit too much and map traversal isn’t anywhere as good as the best Metroids. Also had beef with the built-in input latency. The game plays like the Knight should move and react lightning quick but there’s a delay to almost everything except the basic attack. Still highly recommend because of the background story you learn as you play and see the game.

2. Furi, Switch
This gave me so much trouble on PC with wireless controller and on a laggy LCD. Finished it on normal difficulty in a couple of days and got a few bosses deep into the Furier difficulty. This is a tough game but it feels fair, even if at first a boss seems highly daunting. I would buy DLC with a handful more bosses in an instant.


–The Messenger, Switch
I dropped The Messenger. The backtracking is truly obnoxious and very much out of place for this type of game. It’s a shame because there were some amazing platforming segments interspersed in the few new areas that open up, but getting to them and finding your way around is a boring slog. I’m moving on, but if I have a bit of time and inclination there’s a slim chance I may revisit it.

3. Lifeless Planet, Switch
I started and finished Lifeless Planet on Switch yesterday. I was looking to play a puzzle platform adventure with a sense of mystery and foreboding, like Limbo and Inside. It was an okay game, not great, and pretty rough visually and in terms of occasional jankiness. But it had nice atmosphere at times, game moves at a steady pace and when the music came on it was nice and reminiscent of Westworld and Game of Thrones. Took about 4 hours and I’m glad it didn’t overstay its welcome.

4. Metal Slug 7, NDS
Also finished Metal Slug 7 on DS this morning, which I’ve been playing on and off for a week. Fun game, although the scaling down to the DS’ 192p res is noticeable at times. I’m not good enough to 1CC this game or even get through it with a standard stock of continues, but I at least got through it with Fio as opposed to Ralf like I originally did years ago (he takes multiple hits).

5. Super Mario Bros., NES Online, Switch
Played NES Online’s Super Mario Bros with Conezays. Managed to beat the game, only skipping worlds 2 and 5 with the warp pipes. The added input lag of online play wasn’t so bad, just have to play a little careful and adjust. 6-3 was the hardest with all the large pits, jump springs, bullet bills coming from offscreen, small pulley platforms and small dropping platforms. Always fun, always a nice challenge. This game will hold up forever.

6. River City Ransom, NES Online, Switch
Finished up River City Ransom last night on the Switch’s NES service. I hadn’t really played this before so I was surprised to find out this is basically an action-RPG beat 'em up.

Used save states only as interrupts. Not that you need to save scum; dying only means you lose half your money and start at the previous shopping area on the map. Most deaths were accidentally running into pits! The game flew once I realized I could farm coins for stat upgrades a lot faster from the two-person miniboss near the beginning. My one hiccup was initially thinking the in-game dialogue was nonsense and not realizing I was being directed to find and fight bosses in a specific order that they appear in… I had to look at what was up when I got stuck at the HS gate at the end of the map. Fun game but it’s pretty much a breeze when you have stats up and equip the rapid punch or kick.


7. Minit, Switch
I started Minit on the Switch last night and finished it today. Very cute game, easy to pick up and only takes a couple of hours to beat. The monochrome Game Boy aesthetic is a very nice change of pace from the usual “8-bit NES” look of retro indie games. I recommend this for anyone who wants to kill a couple of hours on a trip without diving into anything too long or complex.

8. Legend of Hero Tonma, PC Engine
Sat down in my new little retro setup in the bedroom and on a whim decided to play Legend of Hero Tonma on PCE. Fun little action sidescroller, didn’t realize this was originally an arcade game and could be beat in under 30 minutes (far less if you’re good at it). The last boss is actually really easy and there are a couple harder ones earlier in the game.

-I played Bonk’s Adventure on PCE. It’s a lot longer than the NES version from what I recall. Anyway I died at the freakin’ final boss so I plan to try again soon. It’s a surprisingly fun and attractive game.

I played and beat Super Double Dragon (SNES) for the first time last night. I grew up playing DD on NES. It was a staple in my house and with my friends. SDD is much, much easier. It was rather repetitive and the bosses were unmemorable. (Also, no abobo’s? wtf?) I liked some of the remixed tracks from the original, they were a bit softer. Overall, not too impressed but if you need some beat em up action you can hammer it out pretty quickly.

I’m hoping to complete some other snes beat em ups this fall.

Played and completed Aladdin (Snes) for the first tie yesterday. I have played it a few times before, and always liked it (as i generally like the Capcom Disney-games), and while it is overall a decent game, it was weaker than i thought, with the controls having some issues, and the level design just not being that interesting. I guess I could collect all the red diamons for added challenge, but since the game never told me what they did - I didnt care. All in all a decent, but very mediocre game for the Snes. Looks great though!


I’m an idiot and am in the middle of two long RPGs and just got a PS4 Pro & preordered a copy of Dragon Quest XI. Please expect me to make no progress for a while.




Beat R-Type II on PS3. Thanks to a certain person who compares various ports. One might say he battles the ports out to find the best one.

This game would be impossible if not for the infinite lives mode. One stage I died 12+ times. I liked it, kinda, I prefer my shoot em ups to be a tad faster. The 3D model was interesting at least.


Okay, I’ll give this a crack.

I should really finish some games I have started…

Chibi-Robo Zip Lash
Axiom Verge
Link Between Worlds
Tiny Barbarian
Chibi Robo 3
Spirit Tracks

Maybe I’ll add some more retro games to the list to get through more :joy:

How did you stop playing A Link Between Worlds? That game was so good I had trouble putting it down.


Currently working on:

  • Pokemon Crystal

    • Technically, technically I finished the game and got a credits sequence as I have beat the elite 4. But I’m still going to go through Kanto and Ash cause of course I am.
  • Tengai Makyou Zero

    • Currently about 1/3 of the way through the game. Hard to find time to sit down with this at the moment so it’s been slow.
  • Dragon Quest Heroes 2

    • Played a bit, not sure how serious I am to complete this one but could happen

Plan to do over the fall:

  • Dragon Quest XI

    • Already beat the 3DS version and will be replaying in english on PS4
  • Soul Calibur 2

    • PS2 version weapon master mode at least
  • Densha de GO! Final

    • I’m not really sure what a clear state looks like for this one but I want to play until I’m sick of trains.
  • Sonic Mania

    • I don’t know why I find it so hard to stick to this one