The Fall Completion Challenge!


Decided to play some smaller games before diving back into another rpg. Decided to give bloodstained curse of the moon a playthrough. I recommend it if you’re looking to scratch that Castlevania itch. The lady with the whip was actually my favorite character to use. It took me around 2 hours to beat on easy. Might go back and try it on nightmare mode.


The other modes in the game actually have different story stuff going on as well so it is worth it playing the game each way.


Nice, I’ll have to give it a shot.


Also kill each of the companions you meet for a added powers and another story.


So I beat Spider-Man. I really enjoyed the world. I felt that Spider-Man was the sequel Arkham City deserved. Lots of fun Easter eggs throughout the game’s version of Manhattan. I really couldn’t put the thing down which really is rare for me. Not only that, I got a Platinum Trophy (which isn’t that hard).

Also I bought Metal Slug ACA on switch. beat it with a million continues. Pretty fun game. I never played through the whole thing in the arcade.




Just barely lost to his final pokemon from a lucky critical after spending 45 mins battling him.

I think I’m going to call it close enough. Done!


@Conezays and I played some NES Online earlier today, including Super Mario Bros. Managed to beat the game, only skipping worlds 2 and 5 with the warp pipes. The added input lag of online play wasn’t so bad, just have to play a little careful and adjust. 6-3 was the hardest with all the large pits, jump springs, bullet bills coming from offscreen, small pulley platforms and small dropping platforms. Always fun, always a nice challenge. This game will hold up forever.


Was this pokemon yellow?




Yeah, SMB1 remains a blast. I sometimes see people mentioning that they find SNES holds up much better than the NES. It’s obviously subjective, but I don’t find that personally. Stuff like Mario, Castlevania, Tetris, etc. are pretty timeless to me and happy to replay them all (and other NES classics) ad nauseum. :slight_smile:


I agree completely. NES holds up as well. People say there are a lot of “crappy” games on the platform but… let’s face it… that’s true on every platform.


Sent back Xenoblade and got breath of the wild coming in. Gamefly really is great for playing these expensive switch games.


Beat Thimbleweed Park which was an amazing game, and one of the best point and clicks ive played since the golden era. Way better than Broken Age, the highly anticipated kickstarter game by Double Fine. Anyways, guess that means Ive beat two games since the challenge started!


Been meaning to grab this, as a huge P&C fan. I’m very behind on my adventure games, there’s that plus I think THREE Wadjet Eye games I need to get. And apparently “Hero U”, that new game my the Coles (Quest for Glory) actually turned out pretty good, so that’s on the list!


Ive only played Gemini Rue from them, which was really great, however, Thimbleweed Park is on another level imo. Would definitely recommend you picking it up. Really hope Ron Gilbert and the other old Lucasarts-guys continue to make games like this!


Fucking point and click games send me down a rabbit hole of only playing them for months. Don’t know why they appeal to me so much. Seems to be a bunch of good ones being released again too.

Anyone got a good lighthearted cartoony one, something like Willy Beamish? It randomly popped into my mind recently and I wanna try not replaying a game I’ve beaten so many times and instead do something new.


I just beat Starfox 2. I would have been so pissed if i paid over $100 for that game 20 years ago, lol.

I also beat yoshi’s island for the first time. That game was awesome.


I think for me at least, there are a few things that i really like about them. First of all, i like that there is no need for reflexes, like none at all. This makes playing them very practical when Im on my laptop with a terrible keyboard and no mouse, for instance. Secondly, they make me feel really smart, as they are all about puzzles. Thirdly, I feel the games in this genre always skewed a bit older than more actiony-games, and thus had higher standards for the writing, which fourthly, made them often either funny or reflective or both. Lastly, especially the old Lucasarts-games with all the verbs, gave you the feeling that there were tons of possibilities of stuff to do in the world, which is always a great illusion to get.

Then I guess it doesnt hurt that games like Grim Fandango and Monkey Island 2 have some of the best atmosphere and presentation in the history of video games. But guess that has less to do with the genre and more with those games.


I’m on my third playthrough of Bloodstained Curse of the Moon. This game is freaking awesome. If someone is looking for an old school platformer you should really pick this game up.