The Ripping Thread - How to build your own legit retro ROM library.

Thanks for posting this! NT Mini arrived and I’ve done the jailbreak so I can dump NES carts. Plan to run through all mine so I’m sure I’ll have weird/dumb questions.

So I dumped Metroid and looking at the Mapper/Size info things look good. Loads up fine. Anything else I can do to validate the goodness/badness of the dump? Am I able to compare the checksum to anything? Nestopia reports the dump as OK, but no idea what sort of authority it has on the matter.

File:         METROID.NES
Directory:    E:\COPYNES\
Soft-patched: No
CRC:          70080810
SHA-1:        FDBFC7871962F72A1EF57E5A7E456164FB93430B
System:       NES-NTSC
Board:        NES-SNROM, Mapper 1
PRG-ROM:      128k
V-RAM:        8k
W-RAM:        8k
Chips:        MMC1
Battery:      No
Dump:         OK

I need to read through this later. So many games I have that I should probably backup in case something happens.

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Reposting this. It was a bit of a collaborative effort between me and Choppasmith.

Dumping Wii Virtual Console games

I wanted to make a quick step by step guide for users like jholmes wanting to rip their VC Collection. I’ll eventually make an easy all inclusive zip package when I get some time off from work in a few days but this should get you started, My setup is a Wii U and PC running Windows 10. The process shouldn’t be too different on original Wii/other OS. This tutorial will assume you have a Wii/Wii U already hacked to run Wii Homebrew

Getting Started:

What you’ll need:

Dump Mii NAND: Download and extract to your SD Card used for Wii Homebrew (The Homebrew Channel will not read high capacity cards) I recommend an 8 GB Card). When properly extracted, it should have the folder structure: SD Card/apps/DmpMiNND/

Python 2.7: Download the installer (x86 for 32 Bit or x86-64 for 64 Bit Windows) run the setup and install.

Show Mii Wads Download and extract to a folder. This is a PC program.

VC Rom Claim Python Script: Click Clone or Download and Download to Zip. Extract to a folder.

Got it? Okay let’s get started!

The Process

  1. Self Explanatory step: Make sure your Wii/vWii has all the games you want downloaded to SYSTEM memory. This process will not work with VC Downloads stored on an SD Card. If you have a lot of games, you’ll have to delete/move your games and repeat this process.

2 Load up The Homebrew Channel with your SD Card and run Dump Mii NAND. It should be an automatic process. This will take a good 30 minutes or so. Just let it run and your system will reboot automatically when finished.

3 Remove the SD Card and load it up on your PC. In addition to the apps folder, you should see two files, nand.bin and keys.bin. Copy these to your PC in an easy to find place (I recommend the vcromclaim folder, but it really doesn’t matter) and delete them from your SD Card.

4 Run ShowMiiWads and go Tools > Extract BootMii Dump. Find and select nand.bin (It is IMPORTANT that keys.bin is in the same directory as nand.bin!)

5 The window might hang with a Not Responding message for about a minute. There’s NO indication! The program does NOT notify you about completion! At least for me on my PC. Afterward check where you’ve placed nand.bin and you should see a folder called nand-extracteda.

6 Open a Command Prompt/Power Shell

7 Now go to vcromclaim folder and drag wiimetadata. py to the the Command Prompt/Power Shell window. The full directory should appear at the prompt. In my case it’s After this press Space. DON’T HIT ENTER JUST YET!

8 Like Step 7. Click and Drag the nand-extracteda FOLDER into the Command Prompt/Power Shell window.

9 The prompt should now have the line something like this C:UsersXDownloadsvcromclaim-masternand-extracteda

10 With a space between the two directories. NOW press Enter and it should bring up another window detailing the extracting process. Shouldn’t take much longer than a few minutes. Check your nand.bin directory and you should see your ROMs and any save files that might have been present.

11 As said above, if you have MORE games, delete the bin files, and the nand-extracteda folder, move or delete the current VC games on your Wii/vWii’s system memory, download your other games from the Wii Shop Channel and just repeat the process.

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If you own Mega Man Legacy Collection on Steam you can extract the ROMs to play on an emulator or flash cart:

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Dumping Sonic Game Gear games for Sonic Adventure DX (Gamecube or PC)

You will need the following:

This software to decompress the files:

A copy of Sonic Adventure DX (PC or GCN)

A means of dumping the iso if you’re using the GCN version

As some of you may know, Sonic Adventure DX contains all of the Sonic Game Gear games. What we’re going to do is extract the ROMs from a copy of the game. I’ll start with the PC guide since it is the most straight forward.

Locating ROMS from the PC Version

If you have the original PC version of SADX (not the Steam version) you can skip this step.

  1. The current Steam version has several features removed, including the ability to play the Game Gear games. What we need to do first is restore these features.

Go ahead and follow this guide to do this:

It’s very straightforward, just an installer that will update the SADX files.

  1. Now that everything is in the proper format go to the Sonic Adventure DX directory, wherever it was downloaded and open the system folder. The ROMs are in this folder.

They’re all in a .PRS format, just type .PRS in the search bar and all 14 should appear. Ignore PRS.PRS (it just decompresses these files to be used in game, not necessary to convert to usable ROMs).

Locating ROMs from Gamecube Version

in progress

Converting ROMs to usable format

  1. Copy these files into a new folder on your desktop to keep it simple.

  2. Now open prs-utils.rar file and click through until you see a file called “prsdec auto.exe”. Move just that file into the same folder as the .PRS files.

  3. Run prsdec auto.exe

  4. 14 .bin files should have then been created. We will need to change .bin to .gg so that they are usable in emulators and flash carts. You can either just rename them individually or create a .bat file to do this automatically.

    6a. The create the .bat file just open Notepad and enter

ren *.bin *.gg

Click “Save As” and make sure to change the extension from .txt to .bat and save it in the same folder as the .bin files. Open the .bat file and all the ROMs should now be renamed to .gg. You can now use these in an emulator.

Hey there! Sorry it took me so long to post here. While I had helped with the above tutorial on Wii VC Extraction, @Shwing had helped me figure out how to rip and properly convert the roms found in the Kirby’s Dream Collection and Super Mario All Stars disc for Wii. We had chatted and figured it out over Steam and then I had to replace the motherboard and hard drive on my PC losing those instructions he had given me. I had then put ROM extraction on the backburner.

Today though, I figured it out again and wanted to share before I forget again!

Like the above tutorial, you’ll need the VCromclaim scripts and Python installed but you’ll ALSO need:

Wiiscrubber 1.4 (for browsing and extracting files from the disc)
WBFS to ISO converter (assuming you use homebrew methods to rip your games, they’ll probably be in wbfs format and you need this to convert it to an ISO. If you already have an ISO of your game, you can ignore this)

Be warned, this process is a bit of a doozy. Just take things slow and you’ll be fine. It’s really nothing hard just time consuming!

For Kirby Dream Collection:

  1. Open your KDC ISO in Wiiscrubber and navigate to the Partition 0/VC folder all the way down on the bottom. Here’s all the games!

  2. 64_k64 is, you guessed it, Kirby 64. Right click and extract rom. Rename it to whatever you like with a .n64 or .z64 extension (I don’t think it matters which)

  3. fc_yume Is Kirby’s Adventure for the NES. Sadly it seems integrated with a DOL file. I currently do not know how to extract the rom here. Probably some hex editing that needs to be done.

  4. GB_kby1 and GB_kby2 are, of course, the Game Boy Kirby games. Look for DMGKYE-0.553 and DMGAKBE0.A66 respectively. Extract and rename to whatever you wish but give the files the .GB extension.

  5. Okay the last two are the most complicated. The SNES games. SF_kby3 is Kirby’s Dream Land 3 and SF_sdx is Kirby Super Star. Grab the PCM file AND the ROM file from each folder. It might be easier to copy these files to the vcromclaim folders. You’re going to be doing some command line stuff much like the VC Extraction above.

  6. Open a Command Line and navigate to the vcromclaim folder if you can. Like above, you can make this easy by simply dragging files over the Command Line window.

  7. First we need to decompress the files. We’ll start with Kirby’s Dream Land 3. First drag the script to the window and make a space (REMEMBER DON’T PRESS ENTER YET!)

  8. Now drag the LZH86F_kby3.rom file over tot he command line window and make ANOTHER space.

  9. Now we have to name an output file. It can be anything you want (it just HAS to be different and have the same extension) but keep it short and simple. I recommend kd3.rom.

  10. Your command line should read something like

    “C:/vcromclaim/” “C:/vcromclaim/LZH8SF_kby3.rom” kd3.rom

There may or may not be quotes. NOW hit Enter and it’ll decompress like a zip file. Should only take about a minute.

  1. Repeat Steps 7-10 but THIS time do it with the PCM file. Your command line will look like this before pressing Enter:

    “C:/vcromclaim/” “C:/vcromclaim/LZH8SF_kby3.pcm” kd3.pcm

  2. You still with me? Hey! You okay? We’re not quite done yet. Almost. Just one more little step. Now we have to merge the PCM audio and the ROM file into a standard SMC file. Now drag the script to the Command line and make a space. Drag your new uncompressed ROM file to the window and make a space. Now drag your new uncompressed PCM file to the command prompt and make a space. Nope nope. No pressing Enter yet! Now just make a name for your new rom file. Keepit simple like the others and just call it kd3.smc (you can always rename it later). Your command line will look like this.

    C:\vcromclaim\ C\vcromclaim\kd3.rom C:\vcromclaim\kd3.pcm kd3.smc

  3. NOW press enter and enjoy your legit, freshly ripped ROM. Repeat the process above for the Kirby Super Star files.

For Super Mario All Stars, follow the same process above. Use Wiiscrubber and navigate to the Partition_0/Content5 folder. You’ll see a familiar looking rom and pcm files there. Extract those and go through the process above and you’ll have your legit SMAS rom.


Nice one! Would this method be possible for the ROMs in Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

In related news skaman on the Retrode forums is developing a Turbografx plugin for the Retrode. Once it’s done it will be way more straightforward than my previous guide!

I just tried it just now, and boy if they’re in there, they’re hidden away really well definitely not obvious like KDC. I found this surprisingly recent Reddit thread that mentions it’s possible with no guide yet. There’s also a link to a python script, but it seems like it only works on European releases.

Not to be a party pooper, but if it becomes possible to rip the ROMs from Smash Bros. brawl, let’s refrain from linking to guides on it here.

It’s one thing to rip roms from a collection you own. It’s slightly different to rip them from a game that only includes them as timed demos. It’s a subtle distinction, but still, we have to draw lines in the sand that are err on the side of caution.

Yeah I get ya. Seems like it’s more trouble than it’s worth anyway. Going to stick with legit VC ripping.

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Hi guys

New to this forum and not used to forums in general so please forgive me if I’m doing something wrong here…

I asked this on NeoGAF some time ago:

Does anyone know if it’s possible to extract the ROMS from the Playstation 2 arcade compilations? Would be cool to be able to use them on something like MAME 2

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty certain of you were to rip those, they would only be playable on a PS2 emulator. They have been developed to run on the PS2, and MaME won’t be compatible.