GBC games not working well on GBA flash cart

Wondering if anyone has advice.

I am having an issue with some GBC ROMs not running too great via goomba on the X5 Mini flash cart for GBA. GBA games all run great and the two GB games I’ve tried seem fine (need to try a few more of those I guess). But some GBC games have screen tearing, and some graphical and sound glitches. They are mostly playable but not enjoyable. Any thoughts?

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That’s normal. Have had the exact same experience via EZ Flash IV for a decade.

GBA just isn’t quite up to emulating GBC perfectly. Some lower end ones are okay (eg Zelda, which is just a colourised GB game) but any tat push the system at all flounder.

You need a GBC flash cart to play GBC perfectly. Would be nice if someone would make a GBA sized GBC flash cart for that purpose?


These faults are because the GBA Flash cart is running the GBC games under emulation, right?

Only a GB/GBC flash cart will run the games natively on a GBA.

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Thanks, folks. That is exactly what I thought. Yes, @matt, it’s a GBC emulator on the GBA flash cart. I will probably snag a GBC flash cart then. But… it will stick up above my awesome modded OG GBA by @Danexmurder. I will probably have to now get a modded GBC … it never ends.

Can anyone speak to how well Game Gear or Master System emulation works on a GBA flash cart? I tried NES and it’s absolute poop. Not worth attempting whatsoever.

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Just holler if you want to trick out a GBC!


I always found NES pretty decent, apart from the dropped resolution which is impossible to avoid. PocketNES ended up used commercially (in Contra 4) and was about the same as the NES Classics/Famicom Mini releases. Issues with fancy mappers would be expected.

No way I’d use it today with far better systems to do it on due to actually having enough resolution lines, but back when GBA was the latest system it was pretty good.

GG/MS should in theory be decent as they’re very simple systems very similar and only about as powerful (technically less) as the black and white Game Boy.

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Oh huh! Thanks for the heads up. I’m in a similar spot since I have a GBA AGS-101 with a Mako battery I was planning to pickup an X5 Mini for but I was assuming it’d comfortably play the entire GB library on down from GBA. This kinda changes things. Dang! Hm…

I also have a 2DS I just installed CFW on and an old DSi lying around. I guess I could just play Pokemon Yellow and the few GBC games I’m interested in on the 3DS via VC.