8BitDo DIY kits


I’ve first heard about these DIY kits when they were mentioned in the Joyzz thread . I bought an NES and SNES kit right away and about a week and a half later they have arrived!

PCBs look nice (didn’t bother opening up the controllers again, as you can find pictures of the PCB in 8BitDo’s website) and each package came with its own USB recharging cable and a screwdriver.

Buttons didn’t feel any different than with the regular PCB (why whould they?) and I honestly couldn’t feel much lag with the retro receivers. Overall a nice purchase. I would recommend them!


Got them already? Wow. Still waiting for mine to arrive, I’m going to see how feasible a Famicom one will be.


This is just the best thing. Thanks for the impressions.


Very cool! How do you recharge the battery?


Looks like USB.

Yea these look so slick. I prefer OEM wired controllers in general, but this may actually change that.


I did see the USB port, but surely you don’t have to take the PCB out if the case to charge it?


image https://discourse-cdn-sjc2.com/standard10/uploads/retrogameboards/original/2X/d/d6f4210a6a7b79b48b5d7ed4dea9863f7391428d.jpg

Doesn’t look like it


I just bought my NES one today. I really want the Genesis one for Mania. I looked into the MD controller needed and it seems rare. I’d be in heaven if they did Saturn next.


Oh nice, thanks!


Got mine in the mail today. Will make them up tonight.


One on end it’s a standard USB A and on the other it looks like very thin (maybe 2.0mm) DC connector

In the PCB there is a micro USB, just like in the retro receivers which I guess you can use to update the firmware, but I think they haven’t mentioned anything about it.

BTW after playing around with them a few more times the SNES one was a little finicky and disconnected frequently. I resynced it and it hasn’t done it again though. The NES one has was worked better.


Made mine up. As expected it looks like I’ll have to mod the kit for it to work on a Famicom pad, the PCB fits perfectly but the connector doesn’t reach.

Super Fami wise, my one’s going to be a bit rarer than most :wink:

Worked perfectly first time on Switch, feels exactly the same as using the original PCB.


Man, these things are a dream come true. Finally playing all original hardware but wirelessly. I’m going to get a bunch of them.


Awesome! This is great to hear.


These look super cool and are very affordable. I’ll probably get one of each eventually.


Well since everyone is pretty positive about this I’ve got one on the way. Hoping a mega drive receiver is in the works.


I came across this today, a Saturn wireless kit, couldn’t find much info on it though. Does anybody know anything about these?



Oh these do look cool! I’m pretty sure they are using this design, by the look of the transceiver on the back of the board:

I might bite the bullet… But if I read the description correctly It looks like they don’t come with shoulder buttons, so you will need to solder those on yourself?

1, this product needs to remove the original handle LR button soldered to the wireless controller board!


Nice catch on the board! It does like the one from that thread. I wonder what the lag is like on this.

Yeah, I couldn’t make sense of that but I think you do have to solder on your own shoulder buttons. Hmm can’t decide whether to jump on this or wait for the retro-bit controller! (Tinfoil hat time: could these be the retro-bit pcbs being sold by a rogue seller?)


Holy shit at a Saturn one!

I’ll look into it. I’m guessing this means someone was developing one and this is a chinese pirate who got a copy out before the original, like happens with some kickstarters.


One of 8BitDo’s recent controllers reviewed this week.