Too Many Games RGB meetup!

Hey all! Too Many Games outside of Philadelphia, PA is this coming weekend. This is a big retro game convention, and it will be my first time going.

i won’t be there until Saturday morning, but I thought it would be cool to get together Saturday for a meetup at the con.

Is anyone else interested? Is anyone else going? I’m hoping to find some of my wants for my collection.

Gah, wish I could go. I’m actually going to be driving past Philly in a road trip this weekend but won’t have time to stop. Wish I planned it better :sweat:

Two years running now I’ve said the same thing. People that I see every year at magfest heavily recommend it to me but I always forget about it. Better luck next year I guess. :c

well you know about it now. Come on up! lol

You guys missed out. The show was fun, and i got some good deals.

Post them imo. I love to live vicariously.

I’d like to know too. I like hearing a good deal.

Since some of you were at this con, you are probably within reasonable driving distance of both Complete in Box in Ephrata, PA and Just Press Play in Lancaster or York or both. I can’t recommend enough for you to visit these independent stores for retro games. JPP has the better selection overall, but CIB gets some good stuff from time to time, too. Usually better than eBay prices or equal at worst.

Thanks for this info. If they’re in reasonable driving distance for me (I live in Allentown) I’ll check them out once my funds are replenished :grin:.

It’ll be a trip down 222 for you. About 1.25 hours to CIB and 1.5 to the first Lancaster store. There are three JPPs around Lancaster. Totally worth it.

Have you been to The Video Game Store on Hamilton up your way? It sure looks like a good retro stop.

I have not been there, but it looks like it’s 8 min from my house. I’ll need to check it out.

One thing I do when I’m going to be somewhere nearby for my kids for some reason is just search “game stores” and see what comes up in Google Maps. It’s amazing how many little retro stores you can find this way. That’s how I found that one! I haven’t been up to A-Town in awhile so I haven’t had a chance to check it out, but the pictures look great!

I may need to make a Wegmans run soon. :slight_smile:

Looks like there are a couple more… RC Video Games is one and The Game Gallery in Bethlehem is another. The Game Gallery has a nice selection of arcade games looking at the photos!


Wow I have more game stores around me than I realized.

It’s been a few months since I’ve been to wegmans, perhaps I need to make a trip there soon too. Also one of the few grocery stores in this crazy state that lets you purchase alcohol (the Giant near me allows for this now too).

It looks like The Game Gallery is actually a second location for them. The original with like 100 arcade games is in Easton.

There’s a place in Doylestown that looks promising and I’ve been to Classic Game Junkie down in Glenside closer to Philly and that’s a cool place too.

I believe Game Gallery and CGJ were both at TMG, but truthfully, I wasn’t looking at names too closely.

Here are my pickups. Ocarina I got for $45, which I thought was a good deal. It’s pretty clean, and complete. The interior of the n64 box is a bit damaged (the cart holder) but I don’t really care about that.

I got Night Trap for $30 from the Limited Run booth. I was stoked to get that, because I missed it when it was released.

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze I got for $15, which I thought was pretty fair.

Spirit Tracks I got for $25, and it’s mint.

The MLP and Barbie game are for my daughter, got those for $15 together. Same with the Hello Kitty game, which was $6.

The pokemon Y is for my son, who was home recovering from getting his tonsils out. Unfortunately, I got taken on this one and paid $35, because I didn’t do my research. Oh well.

I had a great time, and will absolutely go back. Hopefully with both my kids next time. If anyone saw a guy pushing his daughter in the stroller, who was wearing a chewbacca mask, that was me!

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Looking good. Been wanting to pick up a CIB gold OoT for a while now to replace the one I had stolen a lifetime ago.

Nice pick ups :grinning:

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