Interest Check: RGB Meet-up at Timeline Arcade, Hanover, PA

Hey all!

Never heard about this place until it was brought up in the east coast thread.

Any interest in having a meet-up there in the next few months? Looks like a cool place.


Just let me know. It’s awesome. There’s another Timeline in York, PA too and a Just Press Play store there too. They have everything for sale from Pong to modern games.

Cool. I’m gonna start a little list of interested people in the OP to keep track for now.

…only 2 hours away from me.

Yeah it’s about an hour forty from me.

I’m in Reading so it’s about 1:40 for me too. I’ve also been there a few times and can vouch for it. I have not been to the York location yet.

Dang where my east coasters at??


2.5 hours drive for me.



Wow, that looks like a great arcade!

They have a real Fix it Felix???

This sounds cool! You guys are actually closer than I thought but still a whole estimated 5 and a half hours from me in North East Ohio lol