Unreleased SFC game now on Yahoo Auctions

I can’t find any info about the game at all in English or Japanese. What type of game is it? All we know is it is called Line Defense. I’ve been keeping an eye on this but have ultimately given up on winning it after the auction hit 60,000 yen. That’s a lot!
I was planning to release the rom then sell on the cart.
I sure hope a group will get this then release it rather than some collector.
Still 1 day to go on the auction. I can see this hitting way higher.


Wow… let us know what it ultimately goes for please

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Currently stable at 62000 yen or there abouts. There seems to be 3 main bidders though based upon the bidding logs. We can’t see who is bidding since Yahoo Auctions now hides the bidders name but I can tell that two of those bidders are using a proxy service based upon the length of the disguised user name. I won’t show all bidders but you can see how random the name is on the current winning bid. This is common of proxy bidders.from overseas.

By the way, the capsule guy is the seller, not the bidder. The bidders name is in black and half censored.
In the past Yahoo Auctions never hid the other bidders names. This only came about in the past 2 years or so.

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Holly shit!! This sold for 463,100円. That is 3045 pounds, 3550 Euros or 4221 USD.


Absolutely crazy