15% off eBay purchases via app code PLAN2SAVE (EXPIRED)

Ends today @ 1pm Pacific Time

I just got my BKM-129X for my PVM-20L5. No need to navigate the menu anymore when switching from component to rgb. YAY.

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Thank you for this!

I got in under the gun with a very quick decision on a couple Super Famicom games from Japan. Finally will own Super Aleste/Space Megaforce and I got Psycho Dream as well. I’ve been looking at Super Aleste since I committed to buying the Super Nt. It’ll be in May, but I can wait. Thanks!

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Thanks for the heads up Kawika. Just so people don’t get confused, I’ve updated the title to reflect that this coupon code has now expired.

WTF!!! Why did it end so quick? Shit, they need to give at least 24 hours. Oh wel… save me from an impulse purchase I guess.

Yeah, I have missed so many of them because of this. I started adding things to my cart so that if something comes up I can just do a mass buy.

There’s now a 20% code showing up for me, but it’s only for specific sellers. Boo.

It’s a really weird thing they’re doing. I think it’s time limited like this because it’s a promotion that eBay is paying for and the seller still gets the original BIN price or whatever. They want people to use the app and this is them giving away money basically to promote it.

I ended up shopping on the PC and then putting stuff in the cart to save for later so I could then buy it in the app.