Video Game Music |OT| - Not just Robot Farts and 5-Second Loops!


I’m hooked on the Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon ost ! It’s so good, VR6 is in full effect !


You may have just sold me on this game, Socks.


Hey I just beat that game. Thought I was done after one play but then found out about the extra modes and endings.



It’s really good

like really really good

They nailed the pre SoTN CV formula dead on.

The music? check
Uncontrollable jump? check
Shitty stairs with shitty shit flying at you? check


Stairs never gave me a problem, but oh boy the jumps. My only game overs came from deaths from jumps when trying to do the solo main character run. Even after getting the double jump. Had to learn to control my natural reaction to use it all the time since a lot of the platforming sections were made to be just far enough for a single jump and a double would overshoot the platform.

But yeah, great game. Would have made me look even more forward to the full game if I didn’t know different devs are handling the two. Still think it will be great as well though.


The sections where there’s many staircases and you have shit flying at you and you’re trying to either crouch or use your special but you keep going down and up stairs…fuck


Thunder Force V - Steel of Destiny… Still gives me chills. Pair the cutscene of you bursting out into Outer Space and wow.

Also…what i’d give for another game to feature a new Justice Ray entry today.


Recorded direct from the Saturn version and mixed in DaVinci


Sounds great, Piggychan! Is this your Soundcloud account? I’ve gone through it a couple times at work now (No Youtube on my work computer, but SC works fine for streaming tunes)


yup I just upload randoms or music from games currently being played


Piggy, I’m in love with that Princess Maker rip you have up, it sounds way better than the others I’ve heard. I don’t know what the difference my be, but keep up the awesome work!




I’ve been playing Twinbee Yahho~! recently, and it suddenly struck me that the StreetPass shmup that Good-Feel made is basically a spiritual successor to the series. And because Good-Feel is comprised of many ex-Konami staffers, the two games share the same composer!


I’ve been hooked on the music from Bloodstained. This game caught me by surprise.



Vs Arcade



Vs Arcade



Vs Arcade



Vs Arcade


I’ve been listening to the Contra OST a lot recently. Energy Zone is so good: