Virtual Boy VGA mod

This is apparently a thing I had no idea existed:

The output looks pretty good. I’m always amazed at the dedication people show for this kind of stuff.

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Wow. What’s the native resolution of Virtual Boy games? This looks like 480p output to my eyes.

Wow, VB graphics look killer on a screen!

@Peltz Wiki tells me 384 x 224. So more than the usual 256x224 etc for sure.

Now it makes some sense why there was no VB Virtual Console on 3DS. That would not work very well on the 3DS’s 400x240 (x2) because the aspect would be quite squashed.

That looks AWESOME

There’s a VB emulator for 3DS.

The VB was quite powerful. Nintendo’s real 32-bit console. Same CPU as the PC-FX.

Wow, that looks super sharp.

Yes but no official releases. And I’m thinking if Nintendo did tests and the only way it could be done was with squashed aspect ratio then that’s maybe why they passed on it.

I haven’t tried the emulation, doesn’t seem to be very good?

Wow, did not expect it to look THAT good. Nice stuff!!

OK, now that’s awesome! It makes me wish that someone sold VGA-modded Virtual Boys, I don’t have a Virtual Boy myself but being able to play this way would make it very attractive to me!

I thought that then stopped myself. I’m sure it would be costly and it would be for a system with a couple of “decent” games that can really only be called novelties and Wario as a really good game. Although that still would make it more worthwhile then getting a 32x, amirite?

Although seeing Wario not in eye-bleeding red is pretty amazing.

A working VB is not cheap these days, then you have to pay a couple hundred more and trust one guy to do the mod. Definitely not for the faint of heart or “budget minded” retro gamer.

I love portable gaming systems and the Game Boy line in particular… To this day one of my biggest regrets is not grabbing a VB back when I saw it in a fire sale at Electronics Boutique. I’d seriously consider this mod if I wasn’t starting from ground zero on the system and games.

To be honest, I don’t really have any of the “exotic” consoles, so maybe that influences my perception, but I’d love to get something like a Sega CD, Sega 32x, or a 3DO some day.

Fair enough. I’m not much of a “collector”, more of an “enthusiast” so just getting an item to have doesn’t really appeal to me aside from a few things with sentimental value. As such I wouldn’t go out of my way, or in the case of the 32x take one if it was just given to me, for something just for the sake of having it.

The Sega CD is quality though, has a bunch of really good games and is worth having. Virtual Boy has at least 1 truly good game and that can make it worth it to get, but I don’t even know the current prices.

It has a few gems. There are at least 5 solid titles for it in my book:

Bound High (repro/flash cart only)
VB Wario Land
Jack Bros. (This is seriously a great game!)
Mario Clash

Jack Bros. :money_with_wings:

Wario Land is still the only one I would say is truly good, aside from Bound High which I don’t own/haven’t played. The other games are “okay” but more like shiny rocks then gems. Add Red Alarm and Mario Tennis to that list too. Heck, I’d take Mario Clash off that list as what with how little it appealed to me, even as someone who loves the fuck out of Mario.

That just about makes the system worth it as a novelty (again, to me) but how much I’d be willing to spend on it/a modded version of it is severely limited.

What is a Telero?

Golf is pretty good, too. Solid.

Vertical Force is great too, and Galactic Pinball. Not mind blowing but solid and fun games.

VB has amazing sound so I love just hearing it really.

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