Accurate, full feature Virtual Boy emulator in dev for 3DS

Oh hell yes. Finally. And this guy (guyperfect) has a history of knowing his stuff and getting shit done.


Project page:

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Wow, this could be amazing! Will be watching with interest!

Oooo very cool!

Worth it just so more people can play Wario. Funny how that just came up in another thread too.

There was a picture someone made in the early days of the 3DS, it was a screengrab of Wario VB with the stereoscopic effect on to be seen on the 3DS. That made me thirsty for some VB on 3DS and I’m glad it’s finally happening.

Fixed this for you. (Although Wario is amazing too)

Ooh, been waiting for this for a long time. If it’s full speed, it’s Wario time.

Very, very interested in this. It won’t remove my regret for passing up the Virtual Boy when it was on fire sale back in the day, but will certainly help.

So given the choice would I play in shades of red or monochrome…

Can’t wait to replay the first game I ever owned: Mario’s Tennis. Soundtrack is a real banger.