What are your favorite puzzle games that aren't Tetris?


They totally count, and they’re amazing.

Portal 2 co-op is more of a kill-your-friend simulator… Rofl


Great thread!

I played a heap of Lemmings, and The Incredible Machine on a 486 DOS machine.

T. I. M.

Lode Runner on Macintosh.

I’m also going to champion team Win98, with Elastomania elma.exe.
This did the rounds in 2000, and along with GTA1, found their way on the the school computers.

A rather plain looking, yet deceptively deep game. A great physics engine, with quirks, and odd tricks to master in the controls, and increasingly bizarre level design.

Apparently still very popular in Scandinavia.

Definitely not a motocross simulator.

And finally:


TIM was amazing. When it came out, I shrugged it off as kiddie edutainment. Only discovered it later in life when it seemed like all my school’s CS department was obsessed with it. I think it really scratches a specific itch in programmer’s brains.

Anyway I tried it, fell in love with it, and to this day compare every physics based puzzle game to TIM. And they all come up short.


I haven’t played TIM but there’s a DS game that’s like it: Coropata: https://www.siliconera.com/2009/12/22/coropata-its-like-japans-take-on-the-incredible-machine/

Because of its limited print run in Japan the developers ported it to DSiWare where it can still be picked up on 3DS in Japan. I should probably play it - bought it a few years ago.


I really love T.I.M. and similar games. Armadillo Run is by far my favourite. It’s really quite similar. Your goal is to get the ball in the finish area, and you have any number of tools available to you. You can build the contraption in any way you wish do make that happen. Of course things get really crazy, and people build things that are mind blowing.


I’m also a huge fan of puzzle platform games.

Nimbus is really incredible, and I would recommend it to anyone that likes puzzle platform. You pilot a small little ship that doesn’t have any sort of propulsion. You use the various tools in the levels to move you about, and you glide and turn around the levels to reach the end. It’s an extremely fast game at times, and there are a ton of levels ranging from one-try romps to extremely hard ones that would take you hundreds of tries to beat. There are global leaderboards too, so the speedrunning type will feel very much at home here. One of my all time favorite PC games.


I also really like marble puzzle platform games. The best two of the ones I’ve played are Marble Blast Gold, and Switchball. Marble Blast is very fast and the tools at your disposal for movement are very few. It’s much more about dexterity and quick reflexes. Switchball is a much slower game, focused on changing into other ball types that have different properties and physics. Very puzzle focused.




Great stuff!

Those all sound worthwhile.

I meant to reply to the Wiiware thread before the store shut down, but this is as good a place as any to mention World of Goo.
Another great indie title which shone on that platform. A bit fddly at times, but I never tried it with the wiimote+.


World of Goo is a classic.


We were discussing Kororinpa briefly in the Discord the other day. Do you know of any ball rolling game that takes advantage of gyro control, on any platform? My preference goes to realistic ball / marble rolling (unlike the terrible Kororinpa 2, so disappointing) but you can list any.


Monkey Ball DS, but it’s not great.

Actually I might try it at DSi speed to see if that improves things.


my favourite puzzle games

Puyo Puyo Sun
Hanagumi taisen columns
does Shanghai count ?
Gaming After 40: Of Import: Shanghai (PC Engine)


Why are there 2 people? Is Shanghai multi player?


Sujin Taisen: Number Battles



From Pang-creators Mitchell is an excellent competitive board/puzzle hybrid from Mitchell. Up to four players lay down numbered tiles on the same board to form chains either cooperatively or competitively. Plenty of opportunities to sabotage one or several other players, and fun item tiles add unpredictability. There’s also a slower-paced puzzle mode with a variety of pre-built board layouts to exploit to reach a score target.

It’s was rereleased with better AI and new levels on DSiWare, and is still available via the 3DS eShop for just 500 points ($5).

I have fond memories playing through the single player, then spending an hour every few evenings playing four player online multiplayer matches with a group of four who also had the game. It remains a highly unique game in the genre even today.


What’s the official stance about online play given you can still buy it in the eShop?

I have it on my DSi from way back, and use the fan-made Wiimfi service to play online.


Still shut down since it’s Nintendo WFC I’m afraid.

I really need to get round to making some time to try out the homebrew online, you were saying some people were playing it which is really cool.


I haven’t played any with motion controls.


What is your list so far?

  • Kororinpa


Hahahahahaha. I asked for that one. :joy:


The only games I can think of are Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz and Mercury Meltdown Revolution. Maybe Dewy’s Adventure too if it doesn’t have to be a ball!

Interesting…I did pick up Kororinpa 2, but never played beyond the first few stages because I remember the level design seemed to encourage random trial and error twisting to move to different parts of the levels. Is this what you found to be an issue or were there more problems?


Some shrines in Zelda:BOTW used platform tilting marble rolling

Some games that I was surprised did not feature motion control, at least as far as I can see:

  • Polyball
  • InFlux
  • Marble it Up
  • Marble Blast series

Others I am pretty sure all had tilt/motion control… at least on Wii.

Wii & Vita