Moai in video games 🗿

Games featuring Moai :moyai:

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Feel free to submit screenshots or links to screenshots that show the Moai.

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All of Gradius?

Also Super Mario Land.


The “new” Sam and Max-games had an episode on the Moai-island. Guess they are not exactly new anymore being about ten years, but still.

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Moai no Hihou on MSX.

Also related to Gradius, there’s Moai-kun on Famicom.

*edit - pics added.

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Pics please guys!



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Very cool!

I think there are like eight moai heads in Fortnite right now and they’re all different. They’re also all pointed at a specific location on the map so people think something is going to happen there. They even had a weekly challenge last week to figure out where they’re all looking. It’s pretty cool.

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Nice! Please keep us updated.

Mark of shame to Off-World Interceptor Extreme for attempting to lure Moai-lovers with one on the (ridiculously awesome) cover art, only to have none in the actual game

How very dare they.

I legit want to go to Rapa Nui thanks to Gradius.

Love the concept of them being left by aliens.

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Hellhound (X68000)

I feel like I know heaps of these but can’t seem to find them when I google, lol.

Since Gradius has already been done…

Rhythm Tengoku on the DS had a Moai rhythm game.

I made a website just for this. What can I say? It was an itch I had to scratch.

:moyai: + :video_game: = :sunglasses:

About 115 entries. Lots more to find!

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might be a stretch here but…

Nosepass - Pokemon Go

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I’ve added that from another Pokemon game so will add it for that one too. Cheers!

If they were on your website then I didn’t see these

sexy parodius

jikkyo osharberi parodius

Makkai prince dorabrocchan

Animal Crossing New Leaf


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