What are you playing? (Modern Gaming Edition)

I figured this is the best place for this topic, as we probably want to keep the main board retro themed.

I’m currently working through Grim Dawn, and Divinity: Original Sin on Steam.

My go-to game for competitive gaming is Rocket League, also on steam. Almost 1100 hours and counting!

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I need to get back to Mario Odyssey.

PUBG. Lots and lots of PUBG. I’m also finally finishing up Horizon Zero Dawn, which is super gorgeous.

Traded in my PS4 copy and got Dragon Quest Builders for Switch today.

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I picked up a few games but my “modern game” is Burnout Paradise Remaster. I thought about making a specific thread for remakes and remasters or even just how much I love BOP. That was my favorite racer of last gen and its now my current # 1 for this gen too. As much as everyone seems to like Forza Horizon its not arcady enough for me. I used to love Gran Turismo and Forza but I got so freaking bored of tweaking mundane shit. I wish Forza Horizon series would shit or get off the pot. I want less tweaking and more screeching (tires).

Also picked up Shadow of the Colossus and despite never been able to get into on PS2 & PS3 the PS4 remake has me floored.

Also my back went out last week and I beat Tales of the Borderlands & Batman Telltale.

I’ve been playing through Diablo 3 again lately. Started a Seasonal Hardcore character for the first time. Worked my way up to Torment 2 so far. Lately I’ve also been playing through Binding of Isaac on the Switch on occasion. Before that I spent most of last year working through Breath of the Wild.

Wife and I have been playing a bit of enter the gungeon and I’ve been playing some splatoon with some guys here on the forum. I’m working through WindWaker HD, is that modern?

Enter the Gungeon seems immensely fun, and I already have it on my steam library… I should install it.


Enter the Gungeon is a total blast! Pun intended!

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I’m really tied between, Okami HD, FFXV Royal Edition and Monster Hunter World all on XB1X… I want to grab A. Creed Origins too

Been playing the original Warcraft. 1994 is modern on this board right?

Woah… The original. Classy!

Are you planning on playing through the series?

I dont really know. I recently got a girlfriend who use the tv for netflix all the time, so i had to find some pc-games to play instead of my normal console-centric stuff, and felt nostalgic for old turn-based games like Heroes of Might and Magic. Played through the campaign in the first two and searched further for interesting strategy-games that i never played, and since i did play a ton of Warcraft 2 but never the original, i started that one. I just love 90s strategy games, so its about time to play this!

It’s a great choice, to be sure. Speaking of strategy games, have you tried out FTL or Into The Breach yet?

I LOVE FTL, definitely one of my favorite games ever. Not tried Into the Breach yet, its from the same devs right? Have you tried it?

Yeah I really love FTL too. I was hooked on it like crazy until I finally beat it on hard mode, then my interest petered off.

Yup, it’s the same devs… And it’s really good! Not quote I the same level as FTL, but it’s very different and a great game.

Playing Rise of the Tomb Raider and just saw the film yesterday (absolute trash btw). Guess I’m on a bit of a Tomb Raider kick. A bit annoyed at how similar the game is to Uncharted, but that’s not saying anything new,

Picked up Resident Evil 5 on the Xbox spring sale. Kind of tough adjusting to the controls, coming off of Resident Evil Revelations. When it was rereleased for the XboxOne, why didn’t Capcom include an updated control scheme? I mean, I can move while shooting??? Bleh

Attack on Titan (PS4) - Fast action and so far an engaging gameplay loop make this an enjoyable game.

Gravel (PS4) - This game has issues. The locations are limited, the tracks are short, and the physics can be comical at times. There is fun to be had here but you have to get past the frustration first.

Titan Quest (X1) - Looking forward to starting this today

Detective Pikachu (3DS) - Also looking forward to starting this today

Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) - A great game.

Thanks for the tip, definietly going to check it out!