What do you all think about the PS5 details from Cerny?

Kind of curious about your takes. I’ll reserve my comments for now.

I’m always excited for a new console and it’s possibilities but I’ll take a wait and see approach. Compatibility with previous gens and hardware is a big draw.

I also think that a ssd is a given for both Microsoft and Sony for their next consoles.

It sounds like exactly what it should be, which if they deliver on that, will be totally worth the cost.

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3D audio is probably for VR, the focus on super fast storage is welcome. Hopefully this can make inroads on the long load times which have started to give streaming a major selling point in immediacy.

Honestly though, I can’t see these improvements changing the sorts of games we play today. Only the richest developers (well, most likely first parties making PS5 specific games, bankrolled by Sony) will be making these games, and for the majority of genres it’s going to be marginal gains indeed. VR might be the key here.

With the PS4 Pro being focused on delivering 4K, and the business need to support PS4 BC and not start again from zero I can’t see the PS5 being anything else but a more powerful box. And that’s fine, it’s just not particularly exciting anymore to me though, especially when I’m increasingly less interested in big budget AAA games these days.

Recent price hikes and the switch to half-step model upgrades has me a little apathetic to this gen’s practices (high subscription prices/poor server support are other negatives) but those specs are great and as someone who hasn’t upgraded to a Pro or X I’m looking forward to playing games at the best they can be so happy to hear that PS5 will be fully backwards compatible.

I wonder if it’ll hit the same $399 the PS4 launched at.

Are you me? I feel like I’m always nodding in agreement with what you post.

That said, we don’t know what the input device(s) are like nor do we know what service based improvements are going to coincide with the beefier hardware. So it’s hard to conclude right now that non-AAA games are not going to benefit from the increased specs of the new machine. It could launch with features we just don’t know about which change the way we play (I hope). I really don’t just want another more powerful box.

One thing is for sure - VR experiences should be a lot less hampered with these specs. So at least there, we’ll see some cool takes on new experiences.

And PS5 games should all be 60fps going forward. Right? Right? (Aw who am I kidding? We’ll have 8k games with that run like slideshows and be told that consoles are too weak for 60fps all over again)

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I’m with ya!

Yeah, VR definitely stands to benefit the most from the increased technical capabilities, and that’s probably where Sony will try new things with the input devices.

Because of the generational overlap with PS4 (and of course, devs and publishers will also still be wanting to do multiplatform games on Xbox, PC Switch etc) I can’t see there being a radically new DualShock Controller though. Would love to be proven wrong, but cross-generational releases have probably been taken into account?

I might stop buying consoles after next generation. I’m running out of space and I find myself playing older games anyway. I expect the PS5’s controller to have some sort of touch pad but to drop the speaker. It was neat but doesn’t add much to the overall experience.

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I’d actually be shocked (but not too shocked) if the DS5 didn’t resemble Switch joycons but with better tracking and higher quality. It’s a superior concept to having a standard controller that doesn’t split.

Maintaining the feel of a “pro” controller when split controllers are combined into one controller is key though to not alienate “core” gamers who inexplicably hate motion controls.

I think doing that and then also supporting DS4, then also supporting an elite varient with paddles in the back should cover all their basis.

But chances are, they’ll find the split joycon-like pad too risky to make standard with every unit.

Here’s hoping that whatever they do for VR, they embrace a wireless headset somehow. Maybe using an advanced version of the technology introduced by the Wii U gamepad - fast streaming that only has a 1 frame delay, but turned up to 120fps with less compression. (Unlikely, I know).

This is a hard truth and a total shame. Games should have NEVER dropped below 60fps, and I hate that consoles continually disappoint on that front. They need to get their heads on straight.


Well, many games play perfectly well at 30FPS and I have no issues with them. Super Mario 3D Land on 3DS for example feels perfect.

But 8k 30fps is really in the territory of “but why?” Is 4K really not impressive enough? The mention of 8k support really made me bristle when such displays aren’t even being made yet for commercial use.

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I’ve yet to pick up an 8th generation console so BC will be a nice touch. That said, after reading the article I searched around for well received PS4 games…and didn’t see much that interested me. I still think PS3 is/was my last console. I could see a Switch or PC build, but I think I’m done with dedicated home consoles.

Sony needs to sell high markup TVs too.

I agree that they can play well, BoTW is another good example… yet if you take the same game and show it in 60+ FPS… massive difference.

Make sure you view it in 1080p/60, not 720 (which is not 60fps)

I only recently got a PS4 after ignoring it for years (had to play Tetris Effect), so news about the PS5 doesn’t really flash brightly on my radar. With time and the right game I might be tempted, but certainly not at the initial price point it is sure to have.

Dang, @Peltz with the bold predictions!

Now that you mention it though, an evolution of the Joy-cons would be awesome. I love where Nintendo tried to go but the tiny size and overall shape make playing with single Joy-Cons painful. If someone could make a controller that maintained comfort and precision in either split or joined mode it would be awesome, especially with controller prices these days.

If Sony wanted to integrate a touch screen into the DS5 that would be a great way to do it. Make a three-piece like you get with Switch, but add a screen and some macro/sharing functions available on it (like the Wii U, the more I think about it).

I just have a lot of doubts about Sony doing something like that. I hope I’m wrong, but I think Sony will play it safe with the DS5 and release a pretty incremental upgrade. Paddles? Sure. Touch Screen? Maybe. Making one controller into two while maintaining comfort and quality for a feature many gamers may or may not use? I just don’t see it. This would also be an excuse for controller prices to soar even higher.

I’m over specs. If this makes it easier to make games that don’t take forever to load and have decent framerate I’ll be happy. I’ll pick it up as soon as the first Ryu ga Gotoku gets released on it.

I didn’t feel that Microsoft or Sony had any business in the 4k market, I dont care about resolution (as long as its standard resolution sizes, none of this 900p mess.
Nor do I care about more “realism” in the graphics. Give me my solid 60fps first and skip on the particle effects.

That would be quite neat, and make the controller a lot more versatile for VR and other types of exclusive games - no need to fork out for pricey VR-specific controllers again. It’s maddening how expensive a set of two Moves goes for nowadays given their age and limited production run.

I would welcome a move though I see it as somewhat unlikely given backwards compatibility was announced (so the touchpad will need to remain - though they could just tell you to connect a DS4 for PS4 games) and I can see the console itself being rather pricey, so bundling two high-tech controllers with it will further raise the cost. Here’s hoping though!

The problem with requiring PS4 controllers is that you get into the same problem Wii U kinda had - you needed different controllers for BC and even some Wii U games. And it led to a messy ecosystem.

The benefit of the Joycons is that the two of them packaged with the system are 100% compatible with every piece if software released and replicate everything that a Pro Controller can do.