Now that PS5 and Xbox Series X have been (somewhat) revealed, are you excited about next gen?

I’m curious to hear what people think. I was kind of underwhelmed, and everything felt very same compared to what companies output on current gen, but I am not sure what else I expected to see. Like, I have no idea what would have made me excited. But my general feeling while watching was, “This is cool, I guess.”

Everything feels pretty iterative at this point. And so far, what we know about Xbox Series X, is basically even more iterative than PS5 (if that’s even possible). I wanted something else, but I cannot put my finger on what that would be.

How about you all? What do you think so far of what we know about next gen?

If you told me every PS5 game revealed so far was a PS4 game, I would believe it.

Also think the console is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, and the size comparisons make it look enormous.

As far as Series X goes, it looks a lot better but I already have a more powerful PC and every game on that thing will be on PC.


I feel the same I guess. I recognize while I’m getting older I’m becoming less excited when new consoles are getting announced. Perhaps it’s my taste in games as well that’s not 100% mainstream. So these announcements, while looking great most of the time, just don’t really appeal to me. I mean, I still need to start Horizon Zero Dawn. On the other hand, I am still invested enough to watch the live streams of these announcements. Also, if they straight up would make all my purchased PS4 games backwards compatible, that would excite me.

To be fair, there were two games that really did make me go “wow this is cool”.

Ghostwire and Kena

I could not tell you why those were so much better than the others in my eyes - but I would like to see more of that.

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I’m excited! Can’t wait for the Demon’s Souls remake.

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Demons Souls looks cool, I’m wondering what the extra content entails.

That being said, I haven’t been excited about a console release since PS3. Everything looks nice but I can only really think of the automatic downloads and useless game stories that made me disinterested in modern gaming to begin with.

It is pretty ugly, I’m not sure how much that matters though.

I hope people who are looking forward to it are excited.


The Demon’s Souls Remake was the star of the show for me, I’ve never been so hyped since the Bloodborne reveal.

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Let’s be honest, when have launch titles ever really impressed looking back at each generation compared to what we got say a year after launch, let alone games released at the end of a consoles lifecycle. I’m sure I’ll pick up a series X, and prob a ps5 as well at some point, but next years holiday season is probably the most realistic timeframe for that. Plenty of backlog to go through in the meantime. I just fired up R: Racing Evolution for the ps2!

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I’m not sure what are exclusives but nothing made me want to buy it.

The games like HK Project (Stray) and JETT look great but whatever.

I still don’t have an ounce of excitement for either machine. As much as executives want to tell us this is the biggest generational leap ever, it’s clearly an iterative one due to market circumstance.

In addition to the new machines largely being direct continuations on the current generation, we live in a multi-platform by which the new big, expensive home consoles are only a small chunk. The third party support shown at last month’s Series X showcase and yesterday’s PS5 event speaks volumes about this.

Both Sony and Microsoft showed the extent to which they could show based on marketing deals and timed exclusivity, and it really just boiled down to a very small number of games (Resident Evil 8, Tokyo Ghostwire, new concepts from Square and Capcom, Assassin’s Creed Yakuza 7 port, GTA V port, Control port, your yearly sports games), with indies having to fill the gaps. You could very well make a case for those indie games existing without the PS5 or Series X, they were only shown because they hadn’t been announced yet, and they happened to be on those formats too.

Simply put: So long as the PS4’s 100m+, Xbox One’s 50m+, Switch’s 50m+ and the 200m(?)+ PC players continue to be active, there is very little incentive to build bespoke games for the new consoles. Even Ghostwire: Tokyo was likely built for current systems before Sony bagged it for timed exclusivity.

Going back to the indie games, not a single one felt like they were designed to utilise PS5, which was surprising given the advanced haptics on the controller. The Switch, despite it also conforming in a multi-platform world, did at least make the console local multiplayer experience portable, and the initial wave of indie titles focused on that (Snipperclips is probably the most famous one, and TumbleSeed was all about the HD Rumble).

That’s not a fault of the games - many of which look great, but perhaps the hardware losing its ‘wow’ factor. Perhaps the PS4 Pro and One X made it much harder to sell these new consoles as well - that ‘4k’ marketing box has already been ticked. For all its flaws the Wii U may well have been the last console to have a truly interesting launch because it eschewed the familiar. In doing so, and in offering so much exciting newness that was hard to take in at once it certainly evoked those days where a new console was a brand new experience rather than a more refined one.

The Switch also got there eventually for me through the appeal of bringing local multiplayer anywhere, so maybe it’s too early to discount the Series X and PS5. But current circumstances suggest we’re in for something iterative, which is fine, but boring.

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I think Xbox 360 was the last time launch graphics blew me away. And that was specifically DOA4. Even that wasn’t a tremendous jump over DOA3 or DOA:U though. Just higher res generally.

The prior generation felt like a bigger leap than even that.

Ghostwire: Tokyo looks like a game from the future to me, and I was pretty stoked when that came on. Deathloop blew me away too, because again, that looked incredible and it had style on top of what looks like gameplay substance.

Horizon Zero Dawn was a great looking PS4 game but that sequel looks way more impressive visually. I am excited for that.

Ratchet and Clank certainly seemed the most impressive use of the fast access Sony has been touting as game changing too.

The shape of the machine ultimately means very little to me. It’s whether the games are there and with Sony having enough exclusives to keep me interested now, I will be in for PS5. Since Microsoft has decided that Xbox is just a cheap PC for the most part, and will make eveything available on PC anyway, they really don’t get my same attention. I will just maintain Game Pass and may not bother with Series X at all.

Also, Resident Evil VIII and that new game looked significantly improved over what you could have done with current hardware.

Finally, one thing I did definitely come away with as a question was… When’s the next Nintendo Direct?! I have been much more excited by those since they started years ago. There’s just more “there” there.

There are some interesting games announced, but as others have said none of it makes me excited for NEXT GEN or whatever the fuck. Skipped the XBO and PS4 entirely, and the only thing that has me interested in either of the next gen consoles is the idea of getting a lockhart xbox as an all-in-one media center.

I have zero interest for these new machines, and Im a huge fan of the original Demons Souls. But that game was already perfect for me.

I’ve skipped the current gen so far, almost bit on the BF PS4 bundle last year. I’m kind of on the fence for PS5 depending on the backward capabilities. Sony exclusives are about the only reason I would buy a PS5, and even then I think I’ll hold out for a redesign or slim. I still envision my next ‘console’ to be a gaming PC lol. All the PC’s I’ve owned have had integrated graphics cards so they’re not capable of running anything recent.

Next gen really does seem underwhelming so far. Nothing short of the next Final Fantasy (that’s not a remake and not online) would blow me away, and even then I fully expect it to disappoint me like FFXV did.

Nah, I’ll be happy to let things settle for about 12 months and re assess.

Ratchet looked good but by all accounts they’re sticking with 30fps which killed the joy in that series for me. I dropped the remake because of how clunky it felt.

It doesn’t help that the PS5 is hideous either.

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Yea. It looks really absurd.

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Maybe they’ll release a limited “RGB” version :smiley:

It looks really odd, disgusting even. I much prefer the understated subtle box look of the SX even if it’s ‘boring’.