What is the general consensus on Xenoblade 2? (Read op)

So, I really loved the original Xenoblade Chronicles and found its pacing, combat, story, and level design to be phenomenal. The side quests needed some work, but they didn’t detract from the experience if you sort of ignored them and completed them “by accident”. And the boss fights were excellent in general.

But I found Xenoblade X to be more of a flawed masterpiece that wasn’t really for me. The graphics and enemy design were mostly spectacular, the combat system was decent (although I felt a bit less balanced, dynamic and interesting than the original game), and the music was very mixed. But there were too many characters and the world was actually a bit too open for me to feel like the exploration was rewarding - it felt a bit like there was nothing happening out there and you were just running through a giant empty room. Plus the overal pacing and gameplay felt a bit overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time.

The gameplay systems were also poorly explained compared to the original game which felt pretty inexcusable for a game with so many systems to grapple with. Plus, they introduced them less gradually so that the “building” of complexity that the first game achieved throughout the experience to keep things fresh was absent and it just felt like you had to pick and choose which systems to learn and where to go over time.

Basically, I still haven’t finished XCX because I find it requires too large of an investment of time without yielding enough fun for me. There’s also zero feeling of progression throughout the game because too much is accessible to start. And each character feels less consequential and poorly developed compared to the cast of the previous game, where you can combine different characters to make unique parties that felt different and fun to play in combat.

Basically, I felt the original game was better because the characters, combat, gameplay systems, story, and environments just felt so well executed and each complimented the other elements to form a coherent whole. XBX in contrast felt like a mishmash of different ideas that made for a cacophony of different things to do without feeling like each was properly designed to be interwoven with all the other systems present.

So this brings me to the questions I have about XBC2. I know the structure of this game is more like the original as far as story is concerned, but I have not heard much about the combat and other gameplay elements of the game and how they compare to previous installments. Could you guys provide your overall thoughts? I don’t think XBX was “trash” by any means, but I do feel like the game was a weird blend of too many systems within which I never found a “rhythm” or enjoyable gameplay hook.

It’s sort of a broad question, but how does the game feel overall?

I think it feels a lot more like the original game. The main “problem” people have with it is the anime presentation with the female outfits specifically in some cases. I think the combat stands up really well when compared to the first game and I enjoyed the story. I think you’ll enjoy it and it’s worth your time.

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OK a certain forum will hate the armor choices. Another forum will love it. If you know which two forums I am speaking about, you will know where you stand.

Anyway, I think my main beef with XBC2 is that the damn trash mobs take to damn long to beat. I don’t think it would reduce the challenge of the game if the enemies died in 20-30 seconds instead of 2-3 minutes. Seriously, some trash can feel like a midboss.

Its very Anime. I have enjoyed aspects of that and eye rolled at it as well. I think the presentation could have been a lot better. The undocked game can look like a 3DS game at times (not hyperbole).

I really can’t believe I stopped playing Yakuza Zero to play this game and yet the game still calls me. I am over 50 hours in and I think I will still pick it up again. But if you have Yakuza or Nier and haven’t beat either of those… do that instead.

I’m way into just smashing “attack” and winning JRPGS, so I hear this game has been updated with an easy mode - is it worth playing for the story on easy? I’m lookin for zero strategy!

Oh man I would be right there on that too.

How does the battle system compare to Xenoblade 1? People may think I’m insane when I say this… but I actually think that game had one if the greatest battle systems of all time and it was woefully under appreciated compared to other elements of the game.

As a huge Xeno fan, I found the game to be incredibly disappointing. The menus, UI, progression throughout the game, etc. all felt incredibly convoluted to me. The world design is much smaller and nowhere near as interesting to explore as X or Xenoblade 1 IMO.

I always found the strengths of Xenoblade to be in its exploration, battle system, and music, etc. not the story. In 2 you get a much larger focus on story, despite that not being a strong suit (again, my opinion). If you want 80 hours of anime tropes, cliches, “Master Rex Rex,” and enormous anime breasts, then this is your game. If you want a great JRPG, look elsewhere.

I think the battle system is comparable to the previous entries, but everything around it is just so cumbersome and frustrating that I couldn’t finish the game.

(Note: I gave a more nuanced argument why I disliked the game up on the Discord months ago when the game was fresher in my mind :stuck_out_tongue: )

I think the original battle system had enough depth and I think they tried to expand it with 2. The thing is, I think it worked better in 1. But it is comparable. I think either the enemy HP is typically too high or your arts don’t charge quick enough. Plus you are dealing with elements and elements you can burst to get extra damage. I never got more than 20 hours into part 1 but of the time I played it, I just wanted it to look better and that was my only gripe.

I put 12 hours into xbc2 and couldn’t get into it.

I LOVE xbc1 and hated X

I found the story and characters couldn’t grab my attention. Combine that with an art style that I really dislike and terrible graphics in handheld mode and you’ve got a game I took a hard pass on despite buying the collectors edition.

Interesting feedback. I was concerned that when I played XBX that Monolithsoft really didn’t realize that the strengths of the first game in part were due to how it made it’s myriad of systems that seem convoluted easy to understand by introducing them gradually.

It seems like the same criticism could apply to XB2 based on what I’m reading here.

XCX feels like there is a good game beneath all of the bloat, but you need to work too hard to get the most out of it. Still… I may give XCX and/or 2 a chance this winter. But for now, I think I’ll hold off and play something less time consuming.

Im enjoying the soundtrack, but the voice acting leaves a little desired as far as deliveries go. It feels like there isnt any feeling behind some of the lines. Also the battle system is pretty engaging…but a little more convoluted than it needs to be. The story seems like it could have an interesting twist (like most Xeno games) but Xenoblade 1 still seems like the top of the blade series.

Thanks @Teknoman . The voice acting was one of the most disappointing aspects of XBX compared to XBC1. I’m sad to hear the flat delivery is there in XB2.

On a sidenote, Octopath Traveler is where its at. Its like someone took Ivalice sensibilities and smashed them together with Romancing SaGa, with a sprinkle of Bravely Default.

Think I’m prepped to play that next. Was going to finally get to Xenoblade 2 but think I’ll go knock octopath out first.

I’m ready since several people are telling me how much they don’t like it so my expectations are lowered properly.

When did this this thread become about Legend of Dragoon and the Additions system!?


Going to say it here. I didn’t like the LoD system and was super happy to grind out the money for the accessories that just auto completed the attacks.

Lol that’s not a bold statement, believe me. A lot of people seemingly hated it. May be my favorite RPG battle system of all time, along with Tales of Vesperia.

I really didn’t like the old-English dialogue style in the demo. It sort of makes the game a non-starter for me.

And the graphics… well… I like the intent and the effects are impressive, but in so many ways, I find the execution to be incredibly clumsy. The game really looks generic despite all that fancy lighting and depth of field. I don’t think it will age well.

I can literally write paragraphs on how I feel about Octopath Traveler. I really wish I liked it. And I’m glad to see it selling well. The industry needs more games like it.

But man, it’s so hard on the eyes in so many ways. They blew their rendering budget on the wrong things. But that’s a discussion for another thread. And again, I hope the game sells gang busters.

Yeah i can see the graphics turning some off, but it seems like the olde english is only reserved for certain characters / regions.

One of the biggest disappointments of last year for me, and I loved both Xenoblade Chronicles and its more eccentric followup.

The problem I had with Xenoblade 2 was all its mechanics felt like they only really worked on a superficial level - especially the field actions. It also just didn’t fit together as well as Xenoblade Chronicles. It’s like the developers made a load of content and struggled to make it all fit together in a natural way.