Who here is grabbing Xenoblade 2?

Apparently there was a Nintendo Direct on the game today. I’m interested to hear RGB’s overall impressions about how the game is shaping up.

I adored the original Xenoblade and thought X was not too hot, so I think this game could really end up anywhere on the spectrum for me personally. Are you guys feeling it?


I hated X. I’ve come to acknowledge that it wasn’t just a disappointment - it was a legitimately bad game. Aimless, meandering… nonexistent plot, bad soundtrack, shitty characters outside of Elma or whatever her name was. And it’s unfortunate, because I had really high hopes for the game.

But Xenoblade 1? It’s in my top 10 of all time. I loved everything about it, and wish we could get an HD re-release of it. I really hope Xenoblade 2 hues more closely to that. Trying to avoid watching anything from today’s Direct, but what I’ve seen up to this point has been really encouraging.

Oh, and dual audio? So glad they gave us that option. The English VA in the trailers was painful.

Ditto. Looks like it will be much closer to 1, so I’m hyped.

I imported the PAL version of the first game shortly before the North American release was finally announced. I enjoyed the epic landscapes, music, and battles but it ended up dragging on way too long. It’s full of filler and the sidequests are so dull; there’s no incentive to just explore. The scenery’s beautiful but that only goes so far. It’s still a good game but I do think it’s one of most overrated RPGs of all time. I passed on the sequel as sounded like everything was a step down. This new one looks to be the worst one yet, at least artistically. I wouldn’t mind trying it but since rentals don’t exist anymore where I live and Nintendo hates making demos, it could be a while.

Lets just say that yes, I am. I have like 5 copies of the special edition preordered just to make sure I get one in good condition. And a few of the controllers…

I loved both the previous games, despite their flaws, and look forward to this one, even though every character looks like an anime stereotype. Like not even joking and it’s not just their designs, watch that latest character trailer. I have faith that there will be something deeper hidden, and if not the world will still be amazing to explore and discover.

Ive got the SE pre ordered! I need to catch todays direct.

Put me in the “First game is top 10 of all time but X sucked” group

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I won’t preorder, but if it’s getting great reviews, I’ll pick it up in 2018.

I liked both Xenoblade games, but can see why X put off some. Exploring its world was still a lot of fun for me. And yeah, I have the CE pre-ordered. I’ve been enjoying Xeno games since 1998 :smiley:

Same. A large part of the game was something that put off a lot of people about Chronicles, the side quest system. I fucking loved hunting down all the sidequests and exploring the world in Chronicles and there was a bunch of world and character story to be found once you got past the “kill 15 X” quests. I loved how the NPCs actually “lived” in the world and all had their own little stories.

The main thing that I really didn’t like about X was the create a character. It wasn’t done well and took away from the game imo. While I’m not a big fan of the look of Rex I still think I will prefer him as a main character over the way it was in X. Although it will be close since “kid going on adventure saving the world” is a close second to “create a character that then dosesn’t fit into the story and just nods in cutscenes” in terms of main characters.

The weird thing about X and it’s main character situation is that it could have worked story wise if they got around to doing more than just scratching the surface. Game’s story felt like the first portion of the first act of a full story and game ended just when it was starting to progress. It’s odd saying that about a game I dropped like 500 hours into but even the world itself felt that way.

Me. X was a huge letdown, and this looks like a return to form

Bought it digitally from the South African eshop yesterday. £35! Worked fine with my UK Santander debit card as it’s still NOE.

As a huge Mitsuda fan (Xenogears!), haven’t heard much yet that I’d say is close. I found the reaction to X’s soundtrack overblown. I wasn’t a huge fan of the vocal tracks, but it had some great tracks in the game. Not loving what I’ve heard so far; I think a lot of praise is purely due to Mitsuda being attached, but to each their own.

Mitsuda did like 1 song for the first game, and I don’t even know which one it was… but ACE, which did the rest of the soundtrack, just did incredible work. That’s why I’m looking forward to what they’ve got here.

The vocal tracks were rough in X, but the environmental themes were just so… plain. I have a strong preference for more melodic stuff, though, so that’s a big part of why it didn’t resonate for me at all.

i have the game preordered.

i’m in a weird camp since i never finished the first game but i put a ton of time into the Wii U game and did almost everything that could be done. only things i didn’t do was fill up the achievement list and get some figures.
i think i still have time to finish the first game but i don’t feel like starting it over but i forgot where i was when i stopped.

I think this song was more than good enough for my expectations of Wii U JRPG, lol.

I have the special edition pre-ordered. The music in the recent Direct is brilliant. Very much looking forward to this.

I haven’t played any of them, but I think I will pick up the first (don’t have a Wii U or Switch).

It’s my big december game. I’m in that small camp that thinks X is superior to the first game in every way but characters and music. It provided some of the best moments in all of gaming for me and I absolutely loved exploring and traversing the world in different ways. It’s like an onion that game, every 30 hours or so the game just peels away another layer and the game becomes completely different. I generally don’t care for story and characters in games, so when they suck I don’t really mind. This is probably why I prefer X over the first; the things I care for in ames are done way better in X.

But anyway XBC2 looks pretty good. I have to admit I’m not feeling much hype, maybe because it’s going back to the style of the first game. I hope the exploration and such are much closer to X (I haven’t really been following the game so I don’t know).

We’ll see, either way I’m there day 1.

Preview embargo just lifted. Game sounds like it’s shaping up nicely!

I’ve read a few of them this morning! Looks like I need to wrap up mario soon!

Xenoblade works beautifully in 1080p via Dolphin. I played through it first at UK launch on the Wii, once on the N3DS and twice on my PC. It looks like this with the hi res texture pack:

I fucking hated Xenoblade X though. What a disappointment that was.