What the hell happened to HG101?

Hardcore Gaming 101 moved to a new site structure and apparently only a portion of the content made it over. I absolutely loved the way the old site was structured because nearly every time I found my way to an article about a game, it was always part of a larger series of features of somehow related games (genre, developer, etc).

Seems like all of that is gone now? Maybe I just haven’t clicked around enough. Anyone else finding the new site lacking?

The old site is still around, you can access the pages directly via a google search


I read that he was in the process of migrating all the articles, and cleaning them up in the process.

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Yeah it’s been a slow process.

I believe Kurt had a web designer take a look and he had a heart attack at the 1997 look of the place.

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^haha that sounds about right

Kurt’s a good dude, i hope the transition isn’t too rough on him. hate the # of people i read online on about how much stuff HG101 “gets wrong”, like that couldn’t easily be fixed if anyone cared to. they remain an excellent resource & i love their book series too.

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I prefer the 1997 look :man_shrugging:t2:

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HG101 has got so much info it’s hard to be mad at it - particularly given that most of its contributors are just in it for the love

Kurt’s a workaholic. Dude just creates so much content on cool obscure stuff, over such a long period.

I recently subbed to their patreon for the books and they’ve been an enjoyable read so far!

That Konami classics one especially :wink:

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I havnt got to that one yet but I heard some Australian guy is in there!

I’ve read the “FDS 101” and the “200 greatest games of all time” books so far.

I definitely thought twice about posting this topic because I didn’t want to make it seems like I was shitting on Kurt’s work (and the team he has marshaled to do this stuff). I guess I just hope the site eventually lives up the content’s legacy. I am aware it’s a work in progress.

I also heard that he’s taking his time migrating all the content by hand.

That is part of the charm, but it probably hurts it outreach.

Great point. Scrubs see the 1997 looking site and assume it’s all old.

Like my original favourite 90s website


Really? Maybe it’s because I’m old myself, but I never had a single issue, with the past HG101. In fact, I loved it. The new one… Well, I’m fully aware it’s transitioning to something new and eventually better, but - as it is - it felt a little disorienting, first time I opened it up. That said, it’s still my go to page, when it comes to retro tidbits, so nothing changed to me personally.

You have to match modern paradigms or newbies will be put off and disoriented.

Yeah I prefer the old layouts, but ya gotta go what ya gotta do.

Yeah, I figured that was the case. It’s cool, I’m sure it will get there eventually. I’m not gonna drop it, just because of some quirks, and hopefully the audience will grow up.

Kinda related: I remember a retro-gaffer collaborating with HG101 quite consistently. Was/Is it you? I’d love to see if there’s a chance to contribute, on the art side of things… I’d love to illustrate one of their book covers, for example.

It’s me, but not consistently. A few articles spread over ten years haha.

Just email Kurt and ask. I think they’re probably overloaded with work right now, and writing submissions are closed, but maybe for the future.