What's was the first game you ever played?


That was back when computers were so big and cool looking:

I’d love to see an actual computer in the flesh that still worked with 8 inch floppies.


You sure you wanna put “love”, “flesh” and “8 inch floppies” in the same sentence?


The first game I REMEMBER playing is Smurfs for Colecovision. It probably wasn’t my first game but no other comes to mind,I got it at christmas with Snake Mountain so thats probably why I remember,lol.


ROFL I laughed way too hard at this video…


The VIC was the first computer I owned, and Omega Race is timeless excellence. I got the game for Christmas in 1983.

As for what I played first, I’m not totally sure but it was probably an arcade game like Space Invaders or Galaxian at a laundromat.


First game was Combat on the Atari VCS. It kicked off what would become a very competitive relationship with my brother.


Get access to a nuclear missile silo and you’re golden. That’s not a joke by the way. The US nuclear arsenal runs off 8" floppies and ancient computers. :fearful:


Around 1991-92 I was around 4 years old and my parents had a personal computer, (eventually packed bell) and would play floppy disc games such as Dizzy & Lode Runner . It was also around this time I remember playing Nintendo Entertainment System games Fester’s Quest , Little Nemo , & Little Ninja Brothers . Also playing arcade games such as Street Fighter II , and Samurai Shodown later on at my local convenience store and arcade venue.

  • First MS-DOS game: F. Godmom
  • First Arcade game: Captain America and The Avengers
  • First NES game: Super Mario Bro. / Duck Hunt game.

Since I was born in the late 80s I lived though the console wars we know of today. Eventually owned Game Boy Pocket with Pokémon Blue during the Beanie Babies craze. Decided for Christmas I wanted Sega Saturn over Nintendo 64 never looked back- eventually owning model 1 PlayStation system. Bought Dreamcast on it’s North American launch date 9/9/99 and it came with an XXL shirt.


My gaming life came in a few phases.

ZX Spectrum
Horace Goes Skiing


Atari ST
Test Drive 2: The Duel






I should really try that game.


The very first real game I ever played was Treasure Island on the Commodore Plus 4 in 1984 or there abouts. I had played crappy pong systems before that but they don’t count IMO.
Now in 2019 I still think the game is fun for what it was. Its a little tougher now than I remember it being as a kid.

Not my video but it will give you an idea.


The first game I REMEMBER playing is Smurfs on Colecovision. I’m not positive it was the first,but it just stands out in my mind because that christmas I also got Snake Mountain and remember freaking the fuck out,lol.


Does Tiger Electronics Football count?


Only if you want it to. :joy:


This is probably cliche, but it was likely this:

image https://i.etsystatic.com/10837115/r/il/8af297/1408387196/il_570xN.1408387196_rvpt.jpg

The NES action set was purchased for my older sister, but I’m told that it quickly became my favorite toy since before I could remember. And here I am today, decades later, having never become bored with the hobby throughout the years. Even though I know a lot more about how they’re made, the feeling of “video game magic” has never gone away for me.


Funny how that works… Video games have been a favorite hobby of mine as far back as I can remember, and I never get tired of it.

Most of my group of friends were met through PC gaming in the 1995-2000 days, playing Duke3D, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3, etc. They are my closest buddies, and we’ve been close knit for 20+ years.

While retro collecting is a relatively new hobby to me, gaming and retro gaming (through emulation) has been a very large part of my life for a very long time.