Post a screenshot of the retro game you just finished!


I’d like to see what games you guys are completing! Post a recent screenshot of the game you just beat for all to see!

My recent one is a game I didn’t manage to get around to beating as a kid. Pretty stoked to finally beat Mario 2!

I also recently finished Super Mario World (96*), and Super Mario Bros.

See a theme happening here? I’m currently working on Mario 3.


Cool idea for a thread.


Mine was Raid Over Moscow for Commodore 64, love it but had not played for some time, reviewed it for my YT channel and was amazed I completed it… Not a hard game, but still made me feel good… and ohh boy what a game…

If you want to check out the full review check it out on my channel…



Cool game! I never managed to play that one as a kid. We had a C64 in the house, but I would have been pretty young, maybe 5-10yrs old, so I think I stuck to only a few games.

Crossroads and Crossroads 2 were my favourites!


Crossroads, the soap opera that was on at about 5 in the afternoon :smiley: I assume not… cant say I know those games… I will have to take a look…


Oh man… they are great. The 2nd game is titled Crossroads 2: Pandemonium for a reason. It’s pure chaos! How they managed to make it run smooth with about 100 sprites on the screen at once, I’ll never know.

They are a ton of fun with a 2nd player.
Edit: I’d like to elaborate a bit on this… If you watch a gameplay video you’ll see that the screen wraps on most levels at a few different points. You can shoot, and the bullet will travel across the screen over and over until it hits something. When we played 2 player, we had a rule that we wouldn’t hit each other intentionally, but we would totally try and mess with each other as much as possible. We would shoot as many times as we could down one of the wrapping corridors, and step out of the way before getting hit. This creates a sort of wall of bullets that’s hard to pass through without getting hit. It’s great for taking our groups of enemies, but it also makes travelling around on the level more difficult. It becomes a competition to see who can mess with the other person the most, all while grabbing the most power-ups.

So much fun.


I also really loved the Jumpman games.


Access was one of my favorite developers as a teenager, with such classics as Beach-Head, Beach-Head II, Raid Over Moscow and Leader Board Golf.


Thats a pretty fine list of classics right there… :slight_smile:


Sounds like #beatit2018 on twitter.


Isn’t it funny how we still say ‘beat a game’?

Obviously it appeared in the Atari-Famicom era because it was an actual challenge and achievement to finish. Finishing Contra does seem like ‘beating’ it.

But finishing Uncharted 3? Doesn’t really feel like ‘beating’ just ‘seeing all of the scenery and cutscenes’.


Have a family member that always referred to it as “solving” the game. He is someone who played a lot of games too so it isn’t a case of him thinking they are just puzzles, but it still sounds odd when hearing someone mention that they solved a jrpg.


Haha, yeah this is a great point!


I generally say I “finished” a game in normal conversation, but I used “beat” here because everyone else seems to say it that way.


Link To The Past complete. Managed to get all 20 hearts as well.


I don’t beat games often so I’m gonna cheat with something I beat at the end of last year.

Final Soldier on Wii VC

And a couple of retro-adjacent games I finished: Trails in the Sky Ch.1 and the Specter Knight campaign in Shovel Knight.


Final Soldier looks pretty awesome… gonna have to check that out!


Sometimes I’ll say “cleared” a game. I picked that up from my online U.K. friends and it seems more appropriate for the older games.


“Beat” seems more appropriate when taking on something with a challenge. “I beat Contra Hard Corps”. And finished seems appropriate when just going through the motions to finish the game… like Uncharted. I assume it originated from when we played arcade games and beat someone’s high score.


Also 1CC is a distinctive term, especially in the retro game conversation


When you finish Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker however, it is entirely appropriate to say you ‘Beat it’.