What's was the first game you ever played?

Give us a little run down, as much or as little of it you want to share.

What is the game?
What system is it for?
What do you think of it now?
Can we see a screen shot or two of the game?
Tell us a short story about it?


The 3 stooges for NES I believe. Yeah, it’s a bad game, but young me watched the shorts on WGN with my dad so I thought a game based on it was the coolest. The RNG in it can screw you hard though, I never did beat it.

First game I ever bought was a copy of Magmax for NES from a mom and pop rental place near my house that was shutting down.

Joust and Lode Runner on an Atari 800. Both on the same day, not sure which was actually first.

I remember playing a bit by myself, and then doing two player mode in Joust with my sister. Both games have a soft spot in my heart to this day.

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Something on Atari likely around 1985/86. Racing cars of some sort maybe? It was at some older kids place when I was 4/5. The NES wasn’t out here until about 88!

First one I can actually remember? Maybe Outrun arcade? I really can’t recall…

Either Super Mario Bros or Duck Hunt I’m sure. I was too young to remember.

Super Mario Bros on the NES, and it’s still good!

Don’t know if I’d been to the arcades before this but home console-wise, it was Altered Beast.

Phelios was our second game.

Super Mario Bros on the NES. I was 6 or 7. It’s still a great game of course, holds up nicely!

I was stuck on that first goomba (“walking purse” to me) for a pretty long time on my first day playing. It was a big multitasking ordeal to press multiple buttons, timed right to land on or clear the goomba (not too early or late), all while needong to look back and forth between screen and controller!

It was definitely an Intellivision game and I clearly remember someone bringing one around to our house to show my dad what gaming was all about. He had no interest whatsoever but us kids were fascinated. I remember the controllers and those overlays were just the best thing ever as far as we were concerned. The actual game was likely to have been Astrosmash. I don’t really remember many other games for the Intellivison but I was obsessed with that one.



My first game was Space Wars, a Space Invader-clone for the dos that my father had on his work laptop. We played that, Pacman, Snake, a Dig Dug-clone called Digger. Awesome times! In green and black.

Ditto. My older brother had an NES.

Blitz on the Commodore VIC-20

Was on my slighty better off friend “Brian”, he was a funny bugger, came to school once with a sandwidth with pigeon that he had shot the day before (this is the UK, so no guns here), it was never dull with Brian.

Anyway he had a VIC-20 and it came with a cassette with 4 programs on it, one was a music program, one was Blitz and some other stuff.

So we fired up Blitz, if only I know then how much of a effect this game would have on the rest of my life.

Simple game where you press space to drop a bomb, you fly automatically from right to left and each time you drop a row, so get closer to the buildings.

Crap really, but we liked it, we had nothing to compare it to.



My older sister had the NES as well. She probably played it 10 times total over the years. Apparently I was introduced to it and hooked as far back as preschool - and I do sort of remember playing it way back then.

Hah. That’s my life story, though my brother did play his quite a bit. He was kind of an asshole about letting me play it though so when the SNES rolled around my mom eventually got me one as well so we had two in the house.

For me it was Omega Race for the Commodore VIC-20.


It’s was the first computer we had in the house, and Omega Race was likely the first one I played. Probably around 1984 or 1985.

Is an asteroid style game, but the enemy ships move around the middle, and you can bounce off the walls. Really fun game!


Pretty sure it was Combat on the 2600. If not that then it was some other 2600 game.

Pitfall for the 2600, as I recall. My friend’s older sister had the system. We played it some after I moved into a new neighborhood and we became friends in early 1987. I wasn’t impressed and so we didn’t spend much time with it. Then he got an NES for his birthday in July 87 and I was hooked on games after that. I got one for my birthday that fall.

1976 release but I think we must have gotten it in '77. I’m not really sure, though. I was either four or five at the time. I also remember pushing the left flipper only on a pinball machine around this age at the VFW when we’d go there for dinner. My brother would flip the right, and I think I only got to do it for one ball?

Both of those are defining events for me and my lifetime of gaming.

I honestly don’t know the exact first video game that I played. I had a couple of uncles that were into video games and they used to take me to the arcade as a kid. I remember playing games like Space Invaders, Space Wars and old black and white Atari arcade games like Atari Football and Indy (racing game). I also had Mattel and Coleco sports handhelds as a kid, like Football, Basketball and Head-to-Head Football. One of my uncles was a computer programmer by profession and he had a large Zenith CP/M computer kit in his house that used 8.5 inch floppy disks and I remember playing the first text adventure game ever made, Colossal Cave Adventure on that machine and that was an amazing experience. My other uncle also had one of those hybrid pong systems with a light gun in his house. I thought it was super cool because the gun looked like the .44 Magnum that Dirty Harry used in his movies.

8" floppy… that’s dating yourself! I’m 38 and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in person rofl.